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Breen battle cruisers (also referred to as Breen warships or as the Warship-class) were a type of warship/battle cruiser starship used by the Breen Confederacy during the Dominion War. They were equipped with energy dampening weapons and stochastic field emitters which made them a dangerous and powerful starship class. (ST:CCG: The Trouble with Tribbles, ST roleplay module: Starships)



After negotiating with the Female Changeling to join the Dominion, the Breen brought many warships to the Cardassian Union. This included Gor's Tykk, which captured Worf and Ezri Dax in the Goralis system. After being held aboard for several days, they were brought aboard a Jem'Hadar fighter and handed over to Weyoun. (DS9 episodes: "Penumbra", "'Til Death Do Us Part", "Strange Bedfellows")

The ships later joined a Dominion and Cardassian fleet at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. While their allies held back, the Breen warships engaged the Federation Alliance fleet, disabling more than three hundred Allied ships. The warships then attacked the fleet with conventional torpedoes, destroying the USS Defiant and other ships. The IKC Ki'tang was not affected by the dissipators, allowing it to withdraw and be studied by Allied engineers. (DS9 episodes: "The Changing Face of Evil", "When It Rains...")

Several weeks later, after Corat Damar was lured to Cardassia by Gul Revok, a Breen warship helped the Dominion to destroy his fighter. (DS9 episode: "The Dogs of War")

Many warships joined the Dominion fleet at the Battle of Cardassia, where the new USS Defiant attempted to destroy them, although the shields and skilled piloting of the Breen made this difficult.

After the Dominion destroyed Lakarian City and began to destroy several more, the Cardassian fleet, turned on their allies and destroyed several of the Breen warships. The warships later fell back with the Dominion forces to Cardassia, forming part of the large defense perimeter there. (DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind")

Later in a battle closer to Cardassia, Odo discovered that the ships had a weakness in their aft impulse manifolds. The Defiant found a warship and destroyed it using the method. Benjamin Sisko then informed the fleet of the weakness in a priority one message. The Breen later fled from the Cardassian system. (DS9 novelization: What You Leave Behind)





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