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The Breen Confederacy was the interstellar state of the Breen species. (DS9 episode: "'Til Death Do Us Part".) It was headed by the Breen Domo. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

The insignia of the Breen Confederacy is most commonly coloured gold. The central oval features a circular representation of a ball of light; presumably the sun. For the Breen, the sun is most likely a source of death, rather than life, and so its depiction here may be a symbol of aggression. As the Breen star is red, the variation on the left is probably standard. The yellow version may represent more specialized, if culturally inappropriate, psychological warfare, as it appears on Breen ships raiding Federation and Bajoran space; Earth and Bajor have yellow suns. As usual when dealing with the Breen, much is conjecture and little is known for certain.



In 2375, under the leadership of Thot Gor, the Breen Confederacy allowed itself to be annexed by the Dominion, joining the Dominion War during that conflict's closing months. Forces from the Breen Confederacy launched an attack upon Earth, the capital planet of the United Federation of Planets, destroying much of Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, and other cities on the surface, killing thousands. (DS9 episodes: "Strange Bedfellows", "The Changing Face of Evil"; TNG short story: "Eleven Hours Out")

While Breen forces initially led to several Dominion victories due to their energy-dampening weapon, the weapon was later countered, and the Breen later surrendered along with the rest of the Dominion in orbit of Cardassia Prime. The subsequent peace treaty re-established the Breen Confederacy and the Cardassian Union as independent states. (DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind")

The Breen Confederacy remained an object of concern for many in the Federation following the war. (DS9 novel: Avatar; TOS novel: Vulcan's Soul)

In 2381, the Breen attended a compulsory summit called by the Federation President in an effort to gain allies against the Borg Collective. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)


Relations between the Federation and the Breen were described as tenuous at best by the year 2360. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)


The territory of the Breen Confederacy resided near the Sheliak Corporate. The region of space out past Albireo was beyond the far border of Breen space, however, they had been establishing protectorates there for decades. This was part of a level of expansion spinward after their attempts at expanding anti-spinward were blocked by the Federation. This was a source of conflict between the two empires. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)


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The emblem of the Breen Confederacy.

The Breen Confederacy was the government of the Breen species. The capital of the Confederacy was on the planet Breen (planet). (DS9: "'Til Death Do Us Part")

The Confederacy was ruled by a council that met in the "Hall of Heroes" in the city of Pela Tarem. In times of war the council appointed a tha'thot or supreme commander to head the combined military effort of the Breen states. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

In 2375, the Confederacy allied with the Dominion and entered the Dominion War. (DS9: "Strange Bedfellows")

In late 2381, the Confederacy signed a non-aggression pact with the So'ja Coalition, and joined in the fight against the United Federation of Planets in the Coalition War. (Star Trek: Pioneer (STP): "Everything Changes")

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