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Breakout cover
Studio album by Miley Cyrus
Genre Pop
Miley Cyrus chronology
Meet Miley Cyrus Breakout

Breakout is the sophomore album of American pop singer, Miley Cyrus.



Breakout is the first album by Miley to not have any affiliation with Hannah Montana. Miley stated that Meet Miley Cyrus was getting to know Miley, and Breakout is a more in depth look. Cyrus co-wrote all of the tracks excluding "Breakout", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "These Four Walls", and "Simple Song".

Two of the four songs are remakes of past songs. "Girls Just Wanna Fun" is a remake of the 1983 hit by Cyndi Lauper. "These Four Walls" is also a remake of Cheyenne Kimball's "Four Walls". Coincidentally on the same album, Cheyenne also has a song titled "Full Circle", but Cyrus's song is an original.


Miley performed a free concert during Good Morning America as part of their Summer Concert Series. Cyrus also performed for Today's Summer Concert Series as well.

Cyrus guest hosted MTV's TRL, where she announced a special edition of Breakout would be released later on the year. The special edition would feature "Don't Walk Away" and a track called "Hovering", which would feature her older brother, Trace Cyrus, who is the lead singer for Metro Station.

Charts & Sales

The album sold over 110,000 copies on the first day in the US. It debuted at #1 in the US with 371,000 copies, outselling Sugarland's Love on the Inside.


  1. "Breakout"
  2. "7 Things"
  3. "The Driveway"
  4. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
  5. "Full Circle"
  6. "Fly On the Wall"
  7. "Bottom of the Ocean"
  8. "Wake Up America"
  9. "These Four Walls"
  10. "Simple Song"
  11. "Goodbye"
  12. "See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)"
Bonus Tracks
  1. "Don't Walk Away" (TBA)
  2. "Hovering (feat. Trace Cyrus)" (TBA)

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Promotion GWL
Date May 1st, 2005
Venue GWL Dome
City Perth, Australia
Attendance 674
Pay-per-view chronology
First Event Breakout Bloody Haven
Breakout chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Breakout {{{nextevent2}}}


This was the Golden Wrestling League's (GWL) first Pay-Per-View event, and the second ever GWL event. It was held to showcase the talent that GWL had managed to hire from the independent scene. The main event of the night would be a singles contest between Maxi Axe and Jack-O-Lantern for the GWL World Championship. The main matches on the undercard featured Deep Chassis & Coven taking on Hunger Strike (Blackheart & Skinny Jimmy) in a hardcore tag team match for the GWL Tag Team Titles. Also on the undercard was an eight-man battle royal in which the only way to be eliminated was to be pinned or forced to submit for the GWL Bloodlust title.


  • Match 1: Frazor def. Jimmy Cox & Indoria in an inter-gender handicap match
    • Frazor pinned Indoria after a Breaker Buster (5:02)
  • Match 2: Petey Pillar def. Steaming Richard (/w Tyler Smith)
    • Petey made Richard submit to the Plasticine Twist (14:32)
    • After the match, Petey was beaten down by both Richard & Smith before Chris Carlos ran down with a steel chair to make the save
  • Match 3: Ms. Claire def. Sylvia, Little Miss Sweet & Joy Irvine in a fatal four-way elimination match
    • Sylvia def. Little Miss Sweet after a DDT (4:15)
    • Ms. Claire def. Joy Irvine after a Claire Bearhug (6:59)
    • Ms. Claire def. Sylvia after a Neckbreaker from the top rope (9:43)
  • Match 4: Freedon Jack def. Rast in a Bloodbath Brawl
    • Rast was the first to bleed from a body part apart from his head (12:30)
    • After the match, Rast attacked Jack from behind with some barb-wire, causing Jack to bleed from his back and arm. Rast then raised his own hand in victory
  • Match 5: Eight man battle royal for the vacant GWL Bloodlust Championship
    • Thomas Swasy def. Kakkers after a Reverse DDT (5:06)
    • Baxton Hunter def. Damien Chaos after a Hunting License (7:12)
    • Baxton Hunter def. Chris Carlos with a roll-up (10:04)
    • Baxton Hunter def. Bioshocker after a Swinging Neckbreaker (12:45)
    • Thomas Swasy def. Baxton Hunter with a small package (13:39)
      • After Hunter was eliminated, he savagely beat-down Swasy with a Steel Chain and then dragged Swasy backstage by the neck with the chain
    • "Brutal Beatings" Joey Beatings def. Marcis Lich after a Brutal Bomb to win the vacant GWL Bloodlust Championship
    • NOTE: Gary Chaos was originally scheduled to compete in the match, but he no-showed the event. So Chris Carlos took his place in the match
  • Match 6: Ravage def. Gregory Mither
    • Ravage pinned Gregory after a Ravaging Storm (17:52)
  • Match 7: Hunger Strike (Blackheart & Skinny Jimmy) def. Deep Chassis & Coven in a Hardcore tag team match to win the vacant GWL Tag Team Titles
    • Blackheart pinned Deep Chassis after a Strike from Chaos (11:45)
    • Mid-way through the match, Coven left the ring apron and headed backstage, leaving Deep Chassis to fight the match alone
  • MAIN EVENT: Maxi Axe fought Jack-O-Lantern to a sixty minute draw
    • When the time limit expired, the Manager of GWL, Darnell Dreggs, came out and and announced that the match would go on in overtime for five minutes. Neither man could beat the other however, so Darnell announced that at Bloody Haven Maxi Axe & Jack-O-Lantern would face each other in a last man standing match for the GWL World Title

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki


Villain City Zone (1)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Jail Bird
Plaques: none
Enemies: Prisoners
Connecting Zones: Mercy Island
Transits: none
Breakout at



Breakout is the tutorial city zone in City of Villains.

The "Breakout" occurs from the Ziggurat in Paragon City. Arachnos is engaged in battle with Longbow so that Destined Ones can escape.


Exploration Badges

The following exploration badges can be found in Breakout:

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Jail Bird

It is rumored around the Zig that the Bug Man escaped from this location.

Transfer Points

After placing the bomb in the bunker for the Arachnos Pilot, return to him and you will be given a choice of contacts (Kalinda or Matthew Burke) and will be taken to Mercy Island.


  • Breakout is the reverse of Outbreak, the hero tutorial zone.

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