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Breaking Quarantine is a story in the Halo Graphic Novel, depicting Sergeant Johnson's escape from the Flood Containment Facility on Alpha Halo. It is illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei and its length is 14 pages[1].



Sergeant Johnson opens fire on the Flood.

Following contact with the Flood, Sergeant Johnson, through some miracle, managed to avoid being overwhelmed by Infection Forms. He fired at (but failed to kill) an Infection Form which had latched onto a fellow Marine (presumably Private Jenkins). He watched as the Marine transformed before his eyes into a combat form. He took a blow to his arm from the Flood's tentacle-like arms and was thrown out of the containment room, across a large observation chamber and into a wall.

Several infected Marines started to approach him and he made a run for it, into a hallway. He locked the door with a spoofer and proceeded down the hallway. An Infected Marine was armed with a Shotgun, and fired it at him. The shell hit the wall, missing the Sergeant by inches. The Sergeant dove to the ground, unloading the last remaining rounds in his Assault Rifle onto the Infected soldier, ripping its head off, but didn't kill it. He grabbed his Pistol and shot down the Combat Form. He made his way across the Energy Bridge, jumping onto the other side just as a Combat form shut the Bridge down, throwing a grenade behind him. The explosion killed his mutated pursuers, knocking Johnson to the ground. He stepped onto the lift, glad to finally escape the Flood.

The Infection Forms seem to be capable of instantly infecting victims in this story, but, canonically, they did not gain this ability until Halo 3.



  • When being shot at, the Combat Forms bleed red blood instead of the standard yellowish one seen in the games. This could be because the marines had been recently infected, so they would not have undergone a full transformation yet.
  • At the beginning of the story, Johnson and his teammates appear to be in a different place inside the Containment Facility, unlike the one seen in the level 343 Guilty Spark.


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