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Break (ブレイク, Bureiku), sometimes translated as Stone, is a recurring Black Magic spell from the series. It inflicts the Petrify status effect on one target.




Final Fantasy

Break, also known as BRAK in the Famicom release, is a level 7 Black Magic spell which inflicts Petrify on a single enemy.

The spell can be bought at Gaia and can only be learnt by the Black Wizard Job class. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 30 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy II

Break is a Black Magic spell which inflicts Petrify on one or all enemies. The success rate increases with the spell's level. Any character can learn Break by having them use the Break Tome (called the Break Scroll in the Origins release).

Break Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Break when used outside of battle. Casts Break VIII when used in battle.
Buy In N/A
Find In Fynn Castle
Won From N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy III

Two Break spells are available the Black Magic Level 4 spell which only turns one enemy into stone and the Black Magic Level 7 spell Breakga which turns all enemies into stone. Only Black Mages, Maguses, Sages, and Onion Knights can use this spell.

Final Fantasy IV

Break costs 15 MP and can be multi-targeted, unusual for what is essentially an Instant Death spell. It is learned by Rydia and Palom at levels 49 and 36, respectively.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Fusoya, Palom, and Rydia can learn this spell. It inflicts the Petrify status and costs 15 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Break is a Level 4 Black Magic, bought for 3,000 gil at Regole, Castle of Bal, Castle Surgate, and Quelb. It can be used with Spellblade to great effect, and costs 15 MP to cast. It may also be cast upon multiple enemies as well.

Final Fantasy VI

Break is learned from the Esper Shoat at a rate of x5, and naturally by Terra Branford once she reaches level 68. It costs 25 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VII

Break is the second spell learned from the Contain Materia, which inflicts Earth-elemental damage as well as Petrify. It requires 5000 AP to use, and costs 86 MP to cast. The boss Safer∙Sephiroth can also use this spell.

Final Fantasy VIII

Break is a Status Magic spell that can be Drawn and cast or Junctioned to stats.

Final Fantasy IX

Break inflicts Petrify. It is a Black Magic spell learned by Vivi for 30 AP through the Cypress Pile. It costs 18 MP to cast and has 40% accuracy. The Gargoyle enemy can also use the Break spell.

Final Fantasy X

Break is a spell that is only cast by some enemies, most notably by Seymour Natus. It inflicts Petrification.

Final Fantasy X-2

Break is an Arcana spell learned by the Dark Knight Dressphere, requiring Confuse to be mastered and taking 40 AP to master, as well as costing 20 MP to cast. Break can also be used via Yuna's Festival-Goer Dressphere ability Flare Geta or by equipping the Mortal Coil Garment Grid.

Final Fantasy XI

Break is an Earth-based magic spell that causes Petrification. It can be cast by only four notorious monsters in the entire game: Cernunnos, Lumber Jack, Nightmare Worm, and Ouryu. Far more common, though, is Breakga (which petrifies a whole alliance of players). Much to the woe of players, Break is an enemy-only spell.

Final Fantasy XII

Break is a Time Magick spell. It inflicts the status Petrify to a target, which in the game is a form of Gradual Petrify. This Time Magick 3 License was listed as Time Magick 6 License in the International Zodiac Job System version and can only be used by the Time Mage class.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Break is used by a Bangaa Bishop when the Snake Staff is equipped, and requires 300 AP to master. It halts a target's metabolism and turns them to stone.


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