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Brawling gloves (prayer) (also known as Prayer brawling gloves) are a reward received from PvP worlds. They are obtained as a random drop from player-killing.

In PvP worlds, the gloves provide 1.5x normal experience while training on the Prayer skill. In addition, the gloves provide 4x experience if players train while in the Wilderness. The gloves last for 1275 uses and disintegrates after the time expires.

One interesting thing about the Brawling gloves (prayer) is that if you train in the wilderness, burying bones will give the same amount of experience as using the Ectofuntus, except without having to make bonemeal and ectoplasm. This can be done by a player running back and forward between Edgeville and the Wilderness, using summoning creatures with beast of burden capabilities. This way allows players to get upwards of 12k experience in prayer while using dragon bones. If you use Dragon Bones for all of the Brawler Gloves' uses, you will gain 367,200 Prayer experience.

A second and perhaps more interesting method to use, is teleporting to the Fist of Guthix minigame, using the duelling ring. Then, use the minigame's bank to withdraw the bones and run in and out of the cave to bury them. This method is slightly faster than the Edgeville-method, and slightly safer too.

Another method to use is to use dragon bones on a Gilded Altar with both Incense Burners lit. This gives 378 xp per dragon bone, which adds up to 481,950 xp per pair of gloves, compared to the usual bonus given from the altar which is only 252 xp per bone. Some may think this won’t work, since houses keep all items on death, but they are still counted as a PvP zone and not as a safe zone (even though you keep all items). This would be a very handy way of training prayer as players could put a portal to Lumbridge in their house, then they wouldn't have to step into a dangerous zone whilst banking. This may slow down banking a little but it would make it safer in the long run.

They provide no Attack or Defence bonuses whatsoever.


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