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Bravo Squadron
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Rise of the Empire era


Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps

Bravo Squadron was the premier starfighter squadron of the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. The squadron comprised Bravo Flight A and Bravo Flight B. It was led by Ric Olié and consisted of N-1 Starfighters.

Bravo Squadron was based on Naboo, and participated in the Battle of Naboo ten years before the Clone Wars. The pilots of Bravo Squadron engaged in vicious dogfights with droid starfighter squadrons during the attack on the orbital Droid Control Ship. Partnered with R2-C4, Bravo 6 - Lt. Gavyn Sykes succeeded in damaging the shield generator and tractor beams of the vessel, allowing Anakin Skywalker to destroy it from within with two proton torpedoes.

Bravo Squadron pilots


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