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Brave is a recurring statistic from the Final Fantasy series. It influences damage dealt.


Final Fantasy Tactics

In Final Fantasy Tactics, Brave is the measure of the courage of a unit and affects the physical attack and defense stats of units, as well as the probability of using a reaction ability, which is measured by the quantity of the stat, in percentage.

Male units usually have higher brave than female units on average. Any unit whose permanent Brave score drops too low will leave Ramza Beoulve's party out of cowardice. Units whose Brave is dropped to 10 or lower in battle gain Chicken status and will flee until their Brave raises above 10.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

In Dissidia, Bravery represents the attack power of the character's attacks. They can be obtained by directly attacking the opponent's Brave Points, which will result in the decrease of the opponent's Brave and in the increase of the player's points, in equal quantities and depending on the attacker's attack stat and the target's defense stat; and can also be changed by summons.

Whenever a character deals a successful HP attack, his/her Bravery Points will be reduced to zero and slowly reset to the base Bravery, making him/her vulnerable to a counter attack. On the other hand, while bravery is recovering, the chances of landing a critical hit increases to 100%. The more powerful the HP attack is, the longer it takes for the bravery to reset.

Whenever a character loses all of his/her Bravery points, he/she will enter Break Mode, being left defenseless and the stage bravery, located below the HP bars, will be added to the opponent's bravery. While suffering break, bravery will gradually increase until it reaches the player's base level, by which the break will be lifted. Attacking the opponent with brave attacks whilst in break mode will not lower the opponent's bravery, but will still increase his/her own. Successfully landing an HP attack during break mode will deal zero HP damage, but will lift the break status and instantly reset the bravery to its base level.


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