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This article is about the god of all cabbages. For other uses, see Cabbage (disambiguation).
Brassica Prime
Brassica Prime saying "Hooray!"
Release date Unknown edit
Race Cabbage (sentient)/God
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No, 2009 April Fools event.
Location Oo'glog
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? 2009 April Fools
Gender Male
Examine All Hail Brassica Prime!
Notable features A giant cabbage and the God of all Cabbage.
Symbol of Brassica Prime
A player managed to tap a cabbage to Oo'Glog and receives a big firework!

Brassica Prime is the god of all cabbages. He was first mentioned during the 2007 April Fools fake behind the scenes, described as a level 11 giant cabbage, therefore very rarely taken seriously.

Brassica Prime was the first Cabbage that Guthix summoned to Gielinor.

He first appeared during the 2009 April Fools Event, where if you kicked a cabbage from Draynor Cabbage Patch to Oo'glog, he would appear and reward you with a cabbage for "looking after one of his followers so well".

He will also set off lots of fireworks when he first appears. After about 30 seconds to a minute, he would disappear.


This is all based on assumption as next to nothing is known about this god.

  • Side: Vegetable
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol: Symbol of Brassica Prime
  • Pronounced: (Brass-ick-a Pry-m)
  • Colour(s): All shades of green
  • Animal(s): Cabbage
  • Motto: "Hooray!"
  • Food: Cabbage
  • Race: God and cabbage


Summoning Brassica Prime was, by some, considered not worth it. This is because of the great distance between the two places, the reward, and how many people kicked cabbages away from their owners just to annoy them.

However, many people feel proud of their achievement of kicking or tapping a cabbage from Draynor Village (where the cabbage field is) all the way to Oo'glog.


  • Upon right-clicking him, he is revealed to be level 11, but is not attackable.
  • Brassica is the genus for cabbages. Brassica Prime is Latin for "First Cabbage".
  • Players "Tapping" or "Kicking" cabbages from Draynor to Oo'glog found one big problem: other players would occasionally come along and kick their cabbage in the complete opposite direction with the intent of causing grief. Despite the reward for the effort, there were many complaints about this on the RuneScape Forums.
  • Brassica Prime does not seem to be affected by the Edicts of Guthix, though this is likely due to his lack of ability to upset balance, just as the Desert pantheon was allowed to stay due to their lesser power in comparison to that of the banished gods. His staying may also have something to do with the fact Guthix favors cabbages, even considering them sacred, hinting Brassica's presence may be related to something with maintaining the natural balance Guthix strives forever to uphold.
  •  Brassica Prime is not a part of the RuneScape world that is meant to be taken seriously. Therefore, it is somewhat useless to question his role in Gielinor's history, such as the God Wars and various other occurrences in the story arc.
  • This is one of the few gods to actually be seen in person.
  • On the first days of the event, rumours were spreading that if you kicked a cabbage to Oo'glog, Brassica Prime would provide you 100.000 xp in any skill of choice as a reward. Anybody who managed to do it, only received a cabbage, as mentioned above.
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