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The entrance to Bran Bal.
"Why are you not happy? You have returned to the place of your birth."

Bran Bal (ブラン・バル BuranBaru) is the village where the Genome live, on the planet of Terra in Final Fantasy IX. This is Zidane's place of origin, and the source of the blue light from his dreams. It is also the birthplace of other Genomes such as Mikoto and Kuja.



"When you received the gift of life in Bran Bal, Kuja could not bear it. He could not bear to see a Genome with more power than his own; he felt threatened... He dropped you onto Gaia, the world he would destroy."
—Garland to Zidane

Immediately before Zidane and company enter Bran Bal, Garnet sees the eye on the underside of the Invincible, recalls the destruction of her hometown of Madain Sari, and faints. The remaning party members follow Mikoto inside Bran Bal and attempt to search for a curative to revive Garnet.

They are shocked upon discovering that the Terran village is comprised entirely of Genomes, Zidane's brethren and vessels of Terran souls. Eiko locates Mikoto, and is told that the female Genome will wait for Zidane in an "underground laboratory". The rest of the party comforts Garnet, who had just recovered from her vision of the destruction of Madain Sari. Eiko finds the group and relays this information to Zidane, who runs off to find Mikoto.

In the basements of Bran Bal, Zidane is confronted with multiple Genomes held in test tubes and the truth Mikoto reveals to him: Zidane is a special Genome intended to assist his creator, Garland, in absorbing Gaia into Terra. Garland's previous methods of assimilating Gaia had failed, and he created Zidane as an Angel of Death.

Confused, Zidane wanders into the Terran wilderness, where Garland appears to him. Garland builds on the revelation that Mikoto began: Kuja was originally intended to carry out Garland's plans for Gaia, but grew rebellious, abducted a young Zidane, and fled to the planet he was intended to destroy. Garland then shows Zidane an image of a dying Gaia and its harvested souls, held in stasis by the Iifa Tree. Distraught over his intended fate, Zidane attempts to attack Garland, but is instead captured and jailed in Pandemonium. His friends immediately strike out to find and rescue him from Garland's clutches.


  • Wing Edge
  • Elixir
  • Flash Hat
  • Angel Earrings
  • Minerva's Plate



Moorock's Mogshop

Item Price (gil)
Dagger 320
Mage Masher 500
Mythril Dagger 930
Gladius 2,300
Zorlin Shape 6,000
Orihalcon 17,000
Defender 9,340
Holy Lance 11,000
Avenger 16,000
Mythril Racket 2,250
Bistro Fork 10,300
Rising Sun 500
Dragon Wrist 4,800
Defense Gloves 6,000
Coronet 4,400
Flash Hat 5,200
Adaman Hat 6,100
Platinum Helmet 4,600
Demon's Vest 10,250
Minerva's Plate 12,200
Platina Armor 10,500
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Magic Tag 100
Vaccine 100
Remedy 300
Annoytment 150
Tent 800


"Soulless Village Bran Bal"
Trouble with the audio sample?

Bran Bal's music is "魂無き村 ブラン・バル (Tamashīnaki Mura Buran Baru) lit. "Soulless Village Bran Bal". It appears on the original soundtrack as the seventh track on disc four, and is described as a mysterious, ambient track.

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