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variations: Masterbrain
Robobrain Sentry
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Robobrains or brain bots are multi-purpose robots whose memory and programs are stored inside an organic or partially organic brain contained in its dome shell atop the machine. Robobrains were created before the Great War by General Atomics International for the U.S. military and for the civilian sector. They are considered superior to most robots, as human brains allow them a wider range of responses and functions than other robots. Their hands are suited to use most tools and weapons usable by humans.

Military variants of the Robobrains had alphanumeric identifying serial numbers, following the format of RB-1234.



A typical Robobrain moves on a tracked chassis (using dual 40 hp motors), on either a fixed or flexible mount, attached to a sizable cylindrical torso with a hardened glass dome on top, housing the central processing unit with the organic brain suspended inside. In addition, to use consoles, operate levers or engage targets with weapons, they have two flexible manipulators on the sides of their torsos. Robobrains were going to be the next generation of robotic soldier in warfare but their costs made it difficult to implement their introduction into the American military.

The Robobrain's organic brain is suspended in pressurized biomed gel (which is the primary reason the brains can continue to function for several centuries). Any damage to the casing or the brain itself can disrupt the robot's brainwaves and damage its neural connection to the rest of the body, affecting the robot's performance. Officially, only chimpanzee brains were ever used in the robots[1], but at least some human brains were taken from the bodies of convicted criminals sentenced to death[2]. Many of these subjects were criminally insane, so the Robobrains they became a part of were not entirely mentally stable, despite complete reprogramming[3], usually with the CODE technology.

Feeding the organic brain information about its surroundings are special sensors (typically with software written in 2076 installed), called Sensors '76[4]. Apart from providing a real-time high resolution feed of the robot's surroundings, they are also capable of switching to infrared mode, in case the main sensors, for one reason or another, become useless.

The manipulators in some Robobrain models are designed to operate regular human weaponry (such as AK-112 Assault Rifles), while some have integrated laser guns (wattage equivalent to AEP7 Laser Pistols), supported by integrated Mesmetron devices.

In addition, all Robobrains have a built-in voice synthesizer.


Robobrains, due to the nature of their organic processor, can be programmed with much more complex and expansive instructions than typical robots. This also means they are superior to typical combat robots in the Fallout universe, at least in terms of their tactics and strategy. Military maintenance bots can be controlled via a WLAN matrix network. In this case, a central AI operates the robots. In the Mariposa Military Base, the programs used to run Robobrains were Facility Maintenance v2.1, Movement v4.8b, Repair v0.8a, Pest Control v1.4, Hearts v1.0 and Sensors '76.[5]

However, it is imperative that Robobrains be routinely memory-wiped, as it is possible for the brain to break its own programming (CODE or other types) and develop serious personality quirks. In Fallout 3 many suffer from this fate and seem to have grown to dislike what they were programmed for, but at the same time can do nothing to stop themselves from carrying out their programmed orders. This is hinted at by their battle cries of (but not limited to) "Please don't take this personally," "They could have programed me to love, to forgive, but nnnoooo," and "When this is all over, I hope we can still be friends." However some seem to enjoy what they have been programmed to do, with disturbing remarks such as: "Don't be afraid, I've become quite good at killing".

Robobrains in the Capital Wasteland have a noticeably feminine personality, in both voice tone and speech, however this could be a result of their reprogramming. A special, brainless Robobrain called Masterbrain can be found in the Vault-Tec Headquarters in the ruins of Washington, DC. There are also non-hostile, essential (immortal) Robobrains in Vault 112. It is also notable that the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts have painted and re-programmed several Robobrains for their own use.

Combat Statistics


West Coast

Robobrains in California and neighboring states do not posses integrated weapon systems inside their frame. Rather, their flexible arms and organic processors were tailored to use regular firearms (such as rifles) in combat, something they are able to do with disturbing efficiency. Most pre-War robobrains (such as those in the Glow) carry sniper rifles and assault rifles, although units with City-Killer Combat Shotguns were also sighted.

East Coast

Robobrains are substantially more durable, accurate, and dangerous than the more commonly-encountered Protectron robot. Armed with a pair of integrated laser weapons roughly equal in power to a Laser Pistol, the Robobrain is a moderate threat, though easy to damage due to its size and extreme vulnerability to head shots. On the back of every Robobrain is a Combat Inhibitor which, if crippled, will cause the RoboBrain to frenzy, attacking everything indiscriminately.

One thing to note is that Robobrains possess a built-in Mesmetron device. This attack does not cause much damage, but if it manages to hit, it instantly cripples your head (dealing 1000 damage to the body part) and gives you the Concussion status effect, resulting in blurred vision, hindered accuracy, and -4 base perception. This attack is used to discourage melee and close-range combatants from getting too close, as that is where the Robobrain is weakest. Stay moving, and be ready to pump your head full of Stimpak goodness at a moment's notice.

There are two variations of the Robobrain model. The first, and most common, is the military variant used by the U.S. Army. It is painted green and has a serial number. Less commonly, there is the grey-colored model that was used in the civilian sector.

Later, with the Point Lookout add-on, a new variation of the Robobrain called the Robobrain Sentry is introduced. Their combat skills are the same, but they have significantly more health.


Robobrains have much comical, yet quite morbid, dialogue programming. They strongly hint that while the brain has feelings for all forms of life, the robot programming makes it involuntarily kill.

  • "There's no use in hiding. I am programmed to be quite relentless, you know." --When the robot is looking for a target
  • "You could run? I'm trying to kill you, you know." --When engaging a target
  • "Are you still there?" --When looking for a target (possibly a reference to the game "Portal" from Valve)
  • "Where are you?" --When looking for a target (also a possible Portal reference)
  • "Please come back. I'm sorry about all that recent unpleasantness." --When looking for a target
  • "I'm sorry for all that shooting and flaming. It's just the way I was programmed." --When looking for a target
  • "I'll find you eventually, you know." --When searching for a target
  • "Why did you run away? I'm really not as scary as I look." --When giving up searching for an enemy
  • "Don't tease me like that." --When giving up searching for an enemy
  • "My search routines are quite advanced, don't you think?" --When finding a lost target
  • "I'm really quite good at killing things. You may want to run away now." --When finding a lost enemy
  • "Were you trying to hide from me?" --When finding a lost target
  • "I don't hate you. I'm just programmed that way." --When engaging a target
  • "I'm a much better tactician than you. It's all in the brain, you see." --When engaging a target
  • "Please lower your weapon and submit." --When engaging a target
  • "Tsk tsk. And I thought we could be friends." --When engaging a target
  • "I'm afraid I am a very lethal killing machine." --When engaging a target
  • "Please believe me when I say I'm not enjoying this."
  • "Which do you like better, the psionic beam or the laser?" --When engaging a target
  • "My programming requires that I keep trying to kill you." --When engaging a target
  • "Nothing personal." --When engaging an enemy
  • "I calculate your chance of success to be...well, I don't want to be morbid..." --When engaging an enemy
  • "I'm not programmed to fail, just so you know..." --When engaging an enemy
  • "They could have programmed me to love, to forgive; but noooooo." --While attacking at longer ranges.
  • "I hope we can still be friends after this." --While attacking
  • "I'll miss you". --When deactivating
  • "Goodbye, frien-" --When destroyed
  • "What are you-" --When destroyed
  • "Oh no!" --When destroyed
  • "You're quite a headache!" --(Ironically) After head is crippled

Notable Robobrains

Sierra Army Depot Robobrain


The Brain Bot in Sierra Army Depot is a partially complete Robobrain, who can be completed by the Chosen One with one of four different brains depending on his/her science skill (from worst to best): the Abnormal Brain, Chimpanzee Brain, Human Brain (90%), and Cybernetic Brain (121%).

The brains have varying levels of competence. The abnormal brain is the worst, unable to obey any commands. The chimpanzee brain can leave and rejoin the party on your command, like other NPCs (except Miria and Davin). The human brain gives the Brain Bot mediocre gunfighting skills. If you implant the cybernetic brain in the brain bot, the AI Skynet downloads itself into this brain. This is the only version of Brain Bot which can level up, and is a skilled rifle and SMG fighter, with full self-repair algorithms.

Humanoid Brain Bot

The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
Humanoid Brain Bot

After General Simon Barnaky was abducted by the Calculator's robots, his brain was put into a humanoid brain bot that served as the cybernetic protector of the Calculator and the game's final enemy (alongside several of the Calculators humanoid robots) before the confrontation with the Calculator itself at the end of the game.

Barnaky's new form was about the same size as a Super Mutant, and equipped with a left arm cannon that was a combination of machine gun and missile launcher, as well as a large claw on its right arm for melee combat. It had good armor (being a robot) and a few hundred hit points, and was a tougher-than-average opponent, although not nearly as powerful as, say, the Enclave's Frank Horrigan.


Brain Bots appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenes

  • Herbert "Daring" Dashwood has a bit of a fascination with the Robobrain robot, and has often wondered what goes into making one. He mentions that he likes their "sexy voice". He also was exposed to its mind-blast once, and wrote later in his journals that "his head hurt for nearly a week afterwards."



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Joinable non-player characters of Fallout 2
Robots in the Fallout games

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