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Brahmin Wood

map marker: Brahmin Wood
leaders: Tribal Father Charon
doctors: Shaman Hawkeye
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Brahmin Wood is a resource-rich tribal village in the area of the pre-War city of Chicago, Illinois. In 2197, it was invaded by a group of raiders led by Horus. Brahmin Wood's losses were heavy, and they decided to accept the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel's conditions for protection. Eventually, a small squad of Brotherhood recruits returned their lands and rescued these primitive people in exchange for food and a portion of their older children for new recruits.

The village elder -- or "Tribal Father" -- is Charon, who was skeptical of the benevolence of the Brotherhood's intentions, but agreed to their terms after the village was rescued from the hands of raiders by the Brotherhood recruits. The shaman of Brahmin Wood, a man known as Hawkeye, is only vaguely interested in the affairs of the village and devotes his attention to interpreting dreams and visions.


Mission walkthrough

Brahmin Wood
chapter: 1 (Bunker Alpha)
location: Brahmin Wood
given by: General Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Eliminate the raider leader, Horus
Proceed to Exit Grid and go to Bunker Alpha
optional objectives: Consult with the elder
Locate the shaman
Free the tribal hostages without bringing any harm to them
next: Freeport

Main quest

  • Eliminate the raider leader, Horus.
  • Proceed to Exit Grid (appears as green area) upon mission completion to go home, to Bunker Alpha.

This is primarily a training mission. You are relatively weak, so you get two party members to help you out: a sharpshooter and a combat medic. In the "Tough Guy" gameplay mode, you are not allowed to save during the mission's progress and must save only while in the confines of the Brotherhood's established bunkers. It should be noted as well that "Tough Guy" mode also awards additional experience for defeating enemies and accomplishing various game related goals. It is also advised to complete as many sidequests/goals during all mission. Sidequests usually award rank promotions in the Brotherhood, which unlock more specialized warriors to recruit into your unit.

It is very helpful to tag the Small Guns skill for the main character. Other than that, one should consider leaving the shooting to Farsight. Stitch is almost blind in comparison to Farsight, but he carries a pump-action shotgun that will be quite useful if the player can sneak close enough to unsuspecting enemies. The double barreled shotgun that the player may also acquire in this mission enables one to kill two unsuspecting raiders for one shot. It is advised to use every corner to hide, and utilize the Sneak skill if possible.

There are two tricky points in this mission:

  • After rescuing the imprisoned tribal villagers in the tent, there is another tent outside with a guard patrolling in front of it. In that particular tent, there is a sneaking raider who is nearly impossible to spot immediately, so send Stitch in with his shotgun.
  • The other point of note is the raider on a sniper nest in the northern ruin section. Almost every time he will hit you once, unless the player has the foresight to climb the nearby ladder and claim the sniper nest to lay down cover fire for your warriors.


  • Consult with the elder.
  • Locate the shaman (far western part of mission map, just north of starting position).
  • Free the tribal hostages without bringing any harm to them.


Appearances in games

Brahmin Wood appears only in Fallout Tactics as the place of the first mission in the game.

Fallout Tactics missions

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