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Bowie Base One
Type: Colony
Location: Sol system
Natives: Humans
Appearances: DW: The Waters of Mars

Bowie Base 1 was an international base designed on Mars on 2058, built into the Gusev Crater as a research base with a Bio-Dome. The base's shuttle was Apollo 34.



The base was headed by Captain Adelaide Brooke, and had a crew of nine Humans. The mission was intended to last five years, studying Mars to see if it was suitable for Human in-habitation. Seventeen months after Humans had moved in the base, the Doctor visited at the same time Andy Stone, and four other crew members were infected by the Flood. As a result the base was blown up by Adelaide, who initiated Action 5, on 21st November 2059. There were only three survivors, plus the Doctor and GADGET.

Countries known to be involved in the Bowie Base One mission included the United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, and Australia. The flags of these countries was seen on the wall of the control hub. Mission Control was based in Houston. (DW: The Waters of Mars)

The Crew Members of Bowie Base One




Action 1 - Base evacuation, initially ordered by Adelaide Brooke after the infection was detected

Action 5 - The Captain would arm, and detonate, a nuclear device, destroying the base.

Actions 2-4 are unknown

Behind the Scenes

  • "Bowie Base One" has similar layout as "the Moonbase" from Gerry Andersons TV series "UFO"
  • It is also recognizeable as slightly similar in design to Sanctuary Base 6 from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.
  • It was most likely named after David Bowie as a reference to his song "Life on Mars".

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