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Bounty quest

Bounty quest is a quest where you hunt down an outlaw and turn him/her in for a kama bounty. These quests begin at the Astrub Jail (7,-18). Near the entrance to the jail are a number of posts with scrolls nailed to them. Click on a scroll to read the wanted notice. Click on the link at the bottom of a scroll: if your character level is high enough, the quest will be added to your quest log. (Currently, there appears to be some inconsistency in the links on the scrolls. Some scrolls do not have a link on the bottom, some of the links do not add the quest to your log when you click on them. If a link does not add a quest to your log, you should probably try again after you have gained a few levels.) Then find the wanted monster, defeat it in battle, and turn it in to the guard standing in front of the Astrub Jail.

Name Required level Region Bounty
Find Akornaddict the Squirrel Astrub City 245 Kamas
Find Frakacia Leukocythine Level 2 Astrub Forest 2000 Kamas
Find Rok Gnorok 26 Border of Feudala 6250 Kamas
Find Aermyne 'Braco' Scalptaras 32 Border of Terrdala 16000 Kamas
Find Qil Bil 32 Cemetery of the Tortured 19200 Kamas
Find Brumen Tinctorias 30 Sidimote Moor 33600 Kamas
Find Ogivol Scalarcin 41 City of Brakmar 32000 Kamas
Find Marzwel the Gobelin 50-51 Border of Aerdala 25000 Kamas
Find Musha the Oni 61 Border of Akwadala 64000 Kamas
Find Nomarow Transplent 65 Eltneg Wood 84500 Kamas
Find Zatoïshwan 91 Pandala 112500 Kamas
Find Lethaline Sigisbul have to find all other to active her  ?  ? Kamas
Find Nervoes Brakdoun Treechnid Forest  ? Kamas

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