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Bounty Worlds.

Bounty Hunter Worlds (Bounty Worlds, or BW for short) are themed worlds in which PvP combat is allowed in the Wilderness. They were released on 6 May 2009 as the re-work to Bounty Hunter, a minigame designed to replace Wilderness player-killing, which was removed as part of the 10 December 2007 updates. All parts of RuneScape are blocked off to players on these servers, except for Edgeville, the wilderness ditch, Monastery, Grand Exchange and the Wilderness.




  • Free-to-play worlds
    • English - 32, 57, 9
    • German - 122
    • French - 72
    • Brazilian - 125
  • Pay-to-play worlds
    • English - 18, 65, 124, 137
    • German - None
    • French - None
    • Brazilian - None

Getting started

When players log into a Bounty World, they will get a warning message that they may lose all their items if they die. There is an option to go back to the main screen and choose another world.

Please note: you will not be able to log into a Bounty Hunter World unless your account is stationed in Edgeville, Grand Exchange or Wilderness prior to trying to log into the world.

The first time players enter a Bounty World, they will receive a Bounty worlds manual, which outlines how a Bounty World works. If players lose the manual, Mandrith in the Edgeville bank can give another.

Messages which appear after the first login into a Bounty World. Players will unlock all 3 Bounty Hunter tracks if they were not unlocked previously in the old Bounty Hunter.

Limited area

In order to ensure that each world's player-versus-player zone is busy, only a small number of worlds are available at the moment. In addition, unlike other types of worlds, only Edgeville and the area north of the town are accessible. An expansion to the land also occurred when players were complaining about having to go to a different world to go to the grand exchange, so it was also added to the area.


  • Within Bounty Worlds, most teleports redirect you to Edgeville. It was updated from not having any teleports leading out of the Wilderness or Edgeville to this on the 16 June 2009 update.
  • Upon death, players are returned to Edgeville rather than their normal respawn point.
  • The Ring of life can teleport players to Edgeville.
  • Other forms of teleportation include the Ancient Magicks teleports, the Amulet of glory teleport to Edgeville, and the Ring of duelling teleport to the Fist of Guthix arena.
  • The Mage Arena bank and other areas in the Wilderness which are not Hot zones are considered as Safe Zones.

Wilderness level

Similar to the old Wilderness (before 10 December 2007), players that one can fight are determined by the level of the Wilderness that one is in. Because of this system on Bounty Worlds, players have a larger chance to be left alone when trying to gain Earning Potential. Only people close to that player's level can attack him/her compared to a PvP World where there is a range of 15 levels between a player and the highest or lowest person allowed to attack them. (Ex. if a player is a level 70 then the highest level to attack that person would be a level 85 and the lowest would be a 55 on a PvP World)


As per the previous Bounty Hunter system, players may be assigned targets. These are assigned after 30 minutes in a combat zone providing there are players of suitable combat levels and one has been without a target for 60 minutes.

In the upper-right hand corner of the screen there is now a bulls-eye which has eight clicks, each click worth 7.5 minutes.

After 60 minutes without a target, the system uses a more wide searching method to find a target that has at least 1/2 of the bulls-eye completed. Unlike the old system, players will become targets themselves. After players have killed their targets, they must wait at least 30 minutes for a new target.

When you get a target and a yellow flashing arrow, telling you where your target is, you will become a target yourself. When you fight your "target", and win, you will receive a better reward (than rogues) as a drop, food, armour, weapons, and Ancient Artefacts. These Ancient Artefacts can be sold to Mandrith in the Edgeville bank for different cash amounts ranging from 5,000 coins to 5,000,000 coins. When you kill your target, you should get 1 to 5 Artefacts.

If the player's target is in single-combat and already fighting someone else, the player can disrupt the battle and attack the target. In addition, if players do not do enough damage to gain the drop, but they die, they will remain a target.

If you are skulled, or attack another player without them attacking you first risking your items, you will fetch an even greater reward. "EP" also comes into your drop. It will increase your chances of a more rare drop, to raise this you have to either, stay in the bounty world for a long time risking a lot of coins, or die losing high amounts of coins, 75k (Used to be 25k). When you or your opponent defeats each other, with no one interrupting the battle, such as someone attacking either player and killing them, you will lose your target and have to wait another 30 minutes before you get another target.


Bounty Hunter's drop system is based on that of PvP worlds, but if you kill your target, your reward will be increased by 1 hours worth of hot zone potential and is 3 times more likely to contain actual items from your targets inventory. A target kill scores 1 point on the "Bounty Hunter" hiscores.

Fighting and killing someone who is not the player's target means that they will be rewarded with a random drop from the PvP worlds system, as well as earning them one point on the "Bounty Hunter Rogues" hiscores, but the drops are unlikely to be as valuable.

It is also possible for a rogue to receive part of a player's drop, but this is less likely than if the player's target was killed.

+1 Item

On 17 July, 2009, Jagex introduced the +1 item system for Bounty Worlds. This was designed to stop 1 itemers but also allowing them to keep their most valuable item if they died.

In order to participate, one is required to risk 75,000 coins, (or 25,000 coins on a free world). Because you always keep your most valuable item on these worlds, this means you have to risk 75,000 coins worth of items (25,000 coins on F2P servers) in ADDITION to your always-protected item.

This maintains the following advantages:

  1. It still achieves the original intentions of making it harder to gain drop potential and participate in rewarding combat without actually really risking something.
  2. It stops high-value weapons being made worthless and still maintains that type of game play for people who enjoy it.
  3. Conversely, people who feel the new, more powerful weapons unbalanced PKing, without any risk to the wielder, have a different type of world that they can enjoy too.


  • If a player died from poison and was not in combat at the time, they would keep ALL their items upon death. This glitch was patched hours after its discovery.
  • Your "bounty" will drop his or her most valuable items upon death (if you dealt the most damage), unlike regular non-bounty fights.
  • Near the end of the Wilderness ditch in Edgeville to the west, there was a small spot which when ran into, would teleport the person back to Edgeville. Many people used it to escape death. This was patched around a week after initial release.


  • Players could run out of the Bounty World area by opening an interface while they ran outside the area. This has been fixed; players will teleport to a spot just south of the Wilderness Ditch upon attempting this.
  • Players could stand on a wall spot by running behind a specific bush and clicking on "House options" in the Options interface. If items were dropped there, they would appear to stick through the head of the player.
  • On Bounty Worlds, all teleport spells take you to Edgeville, unless the spell takes you into a place in the wilderness, such as Ancient Spells, or certain Lunar Spells, such as Ice Plateau Teleport.
  • Many players frequently complain that there should be access to the Grand Exchange due to the fact that they have to switch to a non-Bounty World. On 17 September 2009, Jagex had increased the boundaries for players to access the Grand Exchange.
  • Upon entering a Bounty World, if you had one of the bounty level songs but not the other ones, you will get a message saying that you got all three of them.
  • It is extremely common for players to be wearing a team-cape, with the digit 6 at the end. Because Richard the cape seller is just below the wilderness ditch. Red (Team-Cape 46) is currently the most common.

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