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Halo 3


Unknown World, possibly one of Sanghelios' moons.


Covenant camps in icy terrain built over a Forerunner installation.

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  • 2-8
Open the doors, let the crisp cold air in.

Boundless is a Multiplayer level for Halo 3. It is a remade version of Snowbound, with a new weaponry layout and majority of the shield doors have been removed due to players camping with the Shotgun. In both High and Low bases, the two entrances from the top middle portion of the map still have shield doors. The others have been mainly removed.

Like Epilogue, Boundless has its own series of weapon layout changes. It was due to be released on September 16th, 2008, along with TU2, but was delayed until September 23rd, 2008.

Weaponry Layout Differences

Various weapon changes have been made to the original map for the Boundless map variant: the Spartan Laser in Low Base has been replaced by a Beam Rifle, the Ghost has been replaced by a Mongoose, and the Active Camouflage has been replaced by a second Overshield. Also, the weaponry outside of each base has been equalized, with a Covenant Carbine and a Battle Rifle on the side, and another Carbine on the back.


  • When Bungie changed the map, four shield doors remained, specifically the base shield doors leading towards the center. This allows Campers to survive in this area, as the part is still protected by the sphere and the panel.
  • To have the modified map Boundless in Custom Games and Forge, one has to play on this map first, and then save into his/her Custom Content Library.
  • When a player walks through where a shield door used to be, they can still hear the faint hum as if a shield door lets them through.
  • Boundless appears slightly more often in Matchmaking than the original Snowbound.

External Links

  • Boundless Map Download

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