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Bottle of Rice Wine
Image:Bottle of Rice Wine.jpg
Item details
Potency: 1 level(s)
Max. use: 1 minute(s)
Value: 200 Gold

Bottle of Rice Wine is an item that you can get from Festival Prizes from Kao Tseng in the Shing Jea Monastery (Dragon Festival)

As of the July 5th 2006 update you can also purchase them on Shing Jea Island and in Kaineng City from merchants for 400g.

Currently the only use for Bottles of Rice Wine is to get the Drunkard title, see drunk for more information on how drunkeness works. The visual effects are different from Dwarven Ale and other alcoholic drinks. There is no distortion of images, or worbbling of the screen, it's just a fuzzy effect in motion, and "warp speed" effect when stationary (you can get this effect in motion too if you have the camera right, and are running just straight). Drinking 1 or 2 does not have any visible effects; you must drink at least 3 to notice any difference.

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