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Bothan Spynet
Historical information
Formed from

c. 300 BBY

Other information

Alliance to restore the Republic

"Many Bothans died to bring us this information."
Mon Mothma

As an extension of the Bothan Way, the Bothan Spynet was developed circa 300 BBY as a means to collect intelligence on potential political enemies, which to Bothans, includes all individuals, species and governments (particularly the Empire). No other spy network in the galaxy could claim the level and expansion of Bothan Spynet; the Spynet consisted of thousands of spies, informants and data collection droids that fed into a centralized command structure. Using trade, bribery, espionage and observation, the Spynet obtained information from every corner of the galaxy. Despite many other species being active agents of the Bothan Spynet, positions of authority were filled almost exclusively by Bothans.



A Bothan spy

Together with its military component, Bothan Military Intelligence, the Spynet was one of the most comprehensive and thorough intelligence outfits in the galaxy, serving Bothan interests first and selling its services second. After the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War, the Bothan spy network primarily benefited the Rebel Alliance, but also to a lesser extent the Empire. The Spynet, under the leadership of Koth Melan, proved crucial to the Rebel Alliance in providing information on Imperial military plans, commerce shipping schedules and personnel intelligence, although their services were also bought by the Empire and Fringe elements. Their usefulness culminated in the capture of plans for the second Death Star after identifying their location aboard Suprosa. Instrumental to the successful capture of the plans was the use of highly trained spies known as Bothan commandos. However, due to the fact that the Empire had wanted the Rebellion to gain access to the Death Star plans, some among the Rebellion questioned the loyalty and effectiveness of the Bothan spies. Corran Horn remarked that the Bothan's arrogant attitude originated from the information that they had gotten, saying that though they were tricked, they wore the deception like a badge of honor.

After the Galactic Civil War, the Spynet continued to operate independently of New Republic Intelligence.


A Bothan agent briefing on the workings of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

The Bothan Combat Response Element was started by Bothan volunteers for the New Republic Defense Fleet in 9 ABY to counter the growing danger of the Imperial Remnant. They were placed under the command of Captain Kursk Mal'ia. The Bothan Combat Response Element maintained a fleet of Bothan Assault Cruisers as well as other capital ships. Bothan spies were known as masters of stealth, especially because they could sneak into enemies' areas without being detected. Also, they were known to carry hand-held disintegrator weapons which could vaporize enemy troops.




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