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King of the Docks





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8' 3"



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Super-Hero; formerly a professional criminal




Carl Andrew Bork was a criminal dock worker from Gotham City who went by the nickname King of the Docks. After a shipboard theft in the South Pacific during which he saved a young native boy from drowning, he discovered Desolation Island. In thanks for Bork's rescue of the young boy, the Desolation Island natives gave him a 'magic' statue which eventually transformed him, and made him invulnerable to physical harm. The Flash found the statue on Desolation Island and tried to destroy it, but all his attempts failed until he was able to throw it into the sun. Once the statue was destroyed Bork's invulnerability disappeared.

Bork served hard time in the Van Kull Maximum Security facility outside Metropolis. While in prison, his body began to mutate. His invulnerability returned along with super-strength and an increasingly deformed physique. He escaped Van Kull, and was opposed by Batman and the Flash, but managed to elude them and visit his mother in Newark, New Jersey. After his mother collapsed from a weak heart, Batman talked Bork into surrendering himself to the authorities on the condition that they help her to get well. Bork peacefully served the remainder of his prison sentence, and Batman arranged for his mother to get the best medical treatment available, and had the Wayne Foundation pay her hospital bills.

The Power Company

After his parole, Bork attempted to find gainful legitimate employment, but was hampered by the disadvantages of his criminal record and monstrous appearance. He was later approached by Josiah Power with a job offer to join a new corporate heroes-for-hire organization called the Power Company. Bork accepted Josiah's offer and joined the team as an associate, later becoming roommates with co-worker Sapphire.

One Year Later

Main article: One Year Later
Bork was an unwilling participant in one of Roulette's metahuman brawls, fighting against the current Son of Vulcan. He apparently escaped, an was seen as a client of Oblivion Bar with Witchfire and Traci Thirteen.

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Monstrous Appearance: Due to his physical appearance, Bork is not easily trusted in common company.

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  • Bork at DCU Guide


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Guild Wars

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Bork Bork Bork! (cleeck tu inlerge-a)

This is a selectable language in Guild Wars. It translates all in game text to the "Bork Bork Bork!" language, a take on Swedish accented English spoken by 'Swedish chefs'. This language originates from a T.V. series called The Muppet Show which aired in the 1970's and continues to have reruns or movies.

In Bork:
Thees is a selecteble-a lungooege-a in Gooeeld Vers. It trunsletes ell geme-a text tu zee Burk Burk Burk! lungooege-a. Zee lungooege-a spukee by zee Svedeesh Cheff. Thees lungooege-a ooreeginetes frum a T.F. sereees celled "Zee Mooppet Shoo" vheech eured in zee 1970's und cunteenooes tu es reroons oor mufeees. Bork Bork Bork!


  • When this is the selected language, certain messages are annexed with "Bork! Bork! Bork!" For example, instead of just "Infaeleed spell taerget." being displayed when the invalid spell target message appears, "Infaeleed spell taerget. Bork! Bork! Bork!" pops up.
  • When trying to enter the Online Store with Bork! Bork! Bork! selected, you will get a message saying Bork! Bork! Bork! cannot be used in the store. It will redirect you to an English store.
This language has no in game purpose and is considered an Easter Egg.

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This article refers to Bork, the orc NPC. For the NPC in the ice caves on the Fremennik Isles, see Bork Sigmundson.

Bork is a level 267 Ork summoned by Surok Magis in the Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok miniquest. You need a Slayer level of 44 to kill him and can battle him once per day. Bork is in a Multi-combat area. He can be killed for 5000 Slayer experience the first time, and 250 thereafter.


Fighting Bork

Bork has fairly moderate defence, although he is weak to magical attacks. He attacks with melee, is immune to poison, and can hit up to 25. While you are fighting Bork, Surok (during the miniquest) or a Dagon'hai Elite (afterwards) will attack you every 20 seconds with magic that can hit up to 29. One possible plan of battle therefore is to use the Protect from Melee prayer to defend against Bork, and bring high-healing food such as Sharks. Wearing Dragonhide armour does not affect the accuracy of  Surok's magic attacks, so one with a high defence level could bring high melee defence armour while praying against magic. Wearing a Black Mask or Slayer helmet will not give you any benefits while fighting Bork.

When Bork gets to around two-thirds health, he will summon 3-7 level 70 Ork legions, which will attack you using melee and range. (Three small orks form one ork legion. In a combat round you will only be attacked once per legion, not once per ork.) The Protect from Summoning prayer will not protect against them. For high-level players, the legions are not much of a threat, so these players can ignore them and focus on defeating Bork although the Ork legions are sometimes killed for the charms they drop at a 100% rate.

A safe spot for fighting Bork.

There are several safe spots for fighting Bork along various walls. If using ranged or magic, you can use Protect from Magic and avoid taking damage from the Dagon'hai Elite. Although, when the Ork legions appear, you might temporarily switch to Protect from Melee or Protect from Range until you kill them. If you are using range, Black d'hide should be worn and Diamond bolts(e) should be the choice of ammunition.

Bork is especially weak to fire spells.

When Bork dies, Surok or the Dagon'hai Elite will teleport away, and the cave will start to collapse. Players who do not leave of their own accord after some time will be forced out of the cave.

A player fighting Bork.

You cannot fight Bork more than once in the 24-hour time period starting at 0000 (UTC); trying to enter the portal to Bork's room too soon results in you seeing the message: 'The portal appears to have stopped working for now. Perhaps you should return later?'

Surok is only in the room with Bork during the miniquest. However, the Dagon'hai Elite who is there afterwards is just as dangerous as Surok, using magic attacks that can hit up to 27.

If a player dies after defeating Bork, or is disconnected near the end of the fight and manages to defeat Bork during the disconnect time, the player's dropped items will be found in the Dagganoth chamber at the entrance portal to Bork's chamber.

The Prayer-restoring feature of the Falador Shield CANNOT be used while fighting Bork. However, if one runs to either the safespot or simply away from Bork, one may use this feature to restore their prayer points.  (1/4 with fally shield 1, 1/2 with fally shield 2, and all of your prayer points with fally shield 3.)

Another tactic is to change from praying melee to praying magic BEFORE Surok or the Dagon'hai Elite attacks to negate his magic attacks. The player has to time the change correctly for this tactic to work well. Only experienced players with high defence level and strong melee armour should use this tactic.

If a player stands where the portal is and do not move from that area, sometimes Surok or the Dagon'hai Elite may wander out of range at the beginning of the battle and does not attack him/her with magic. His attack range is the same range as the player's range of sight on the screen. After Bork has summoned the Ork Legions, Surok or the Dagon'hai Elite may randomly wander again. He may move out of his attack range, or into it if he was out of range before.

Getting there

Use the following maps to get to Bork quickly after you have done the miniquest. You will pass though the room with bronze dragons on the way to Bork, and may be randomly teleported to a spot with Dragons from the chaotic element of the teleportals. Wielding an Anti-dragon shield until the final portal (Dagannoth room) is the safest course of action.

After the miniquest, the path shown is the quickest way to recharge prayer and to get to the Chaos Tunnels entrance that is closest to Bork's room.
The path shown is the quickest way to reach Bork through the Chaos Tunnels.


Chaos tunnels, Surok's room (also known as Bork's room).


100% drops

Bork is dead, and Jagex gives the player a congratulatory message.

Bork will always drop these items when he is defeated:

The Ork legions always drops one charm, often a gold charm.

Other drops


  • "Borked" is internet-technical slang for something that is broken as in "that update borked" or "you totally borked the time rotor." In this case the portals in the Chaos Tunnels are "borked".
  • "Bork" is also reference to the Borg, a race in Star Trek that seeks to forcefully add other species into their collective. When fighting the Ork Legions that Bork summons, they may shout phrases like "We are the collective!" "Resistance is futile!", references to the Borg in Star Trek.
  • "Bork" is also a portmanteau of the two words 'Big and 'Ork'. This is played on in his examine text which says "That's one Big ork."
  • Interestingly, Bork is used by the Dagon'hai, worshippers of Zamorak, but drops a femur bone, which is listed by the Odd Old Man's wish-list as coming from a "large follower of Bandos"
  • Bork looks like the cave troll from Lord of the Rings.
  • On 21 December 2009, Bork can no longer receive reflected damage from Deflect Melee curses: "You are unable to reflect damage back to this creature"; however, the Dagon'hai Elite still receives damage from Deflect Magic.

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