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Old Republic era

Borjak was a Feeorin charged by Feln, Jedi Master and the Feeorin Exalted with protecting the Sanctum of the Exalted from outsiders, except from members of the Covenant.




Before the Covenant

Borjak served as a member of Feln's tribe for years. During that time, he fought against other Feeorin tribes. Feln, using the Force, was able to defeat all the other tribes. Borjak and the rest of his tribe thought that Feln was magic.

One day, a Jedi scout came to Odryn and discovered Feln's force-sensitivity. Feln was taken away for Jedi training.

Serving the Covenant

When Feln returned, he had changed dramatically. He opened the Sanctum of the Exalted, the Feeronin's holiest shrine, to members of the Covenant to use as a base for storing and studying sith artifacts. Borjak was very disturbed by this, but still followed Feln.

At one time, he and another Feeorin were charged to meet Celeste Morne, an agent of the Covenant, who was bringing the Muur Talisman to the store house. Instead, however, they were confronted by Jarael and the Moomo Brothers. Jarael was disguised as Celeste and the Moomo Brothers were said to be carrying the talisman in their laundry hamper. In reality, they were carrying Zayne Carrick, a padawan the Covenant had framed for murder, and his friend Marn Hierogryph. Borjak, not knowing this, allowed them to pass.

After several days, Zayne and Gryph sneaked out of the Sanctum with recordings of the Covenant's activities there. They intended to show their recordings to the Jedi Council and, hopefully, prove his innocence while also damning the Covenant in its eyes. But Borjak caught them and and locked them in the guard tower. Feln came later with the intention of killing Zayne and Gryph.

He had his granddaughter look after Zayne and Gryph while they were imprisoned while he accompanied Feln into the Sanctum. He overheard Feln as he was conferring with Lucien Draay about Zayne. Lucien told Feln to execute Option Ossus, a plan to destroy the Sanctum of the Exalted with charges. Borjak was horrified by this.

Ending Feln

Borjak later released Zayne and Gryph so Feln could kill them. Zayne pleaded with Borjak to stop listening to Feln, but Borjak continued to follow the laws that said Feln was the leader. When Feln was going to kill Zayne with his lightsaber, Borjak told him Zayne couldn't be killed that way since their laws forbid anyone who had been in the Sanctum to be killed by weapons. Zayne was able to escape Feln, but was caught again.

At this point, Borjak had received information that Zayne's friends were returning to Odryn. After hearing this, Feln concluded that they were here to raid the Sanctum in force. Despite being ordered not to by Haazen, Feln blew the charges in the Sanctum and destroyed it. But the Sith artifacts there magnified the power of the explosives and caused them to destroy the entire village. Feln, blaming the destruction he had caused on Zayne, reached for his lightsaber to kill Zayne, but found only a stick. Borjak, by now, had been pushed beyond his endurance of Feln's arrogance and disrespect for their laws. He stabbed Feln with a knife and declared that Feln would not be the Exalted much longer. The furious villagers then killed Feln.

With Feln's death, Borjak became the Exalted and the leader of Feeorin. Zayne gives him Feln's lightsaber, which Borjak promptly had his granddaughter throw into the Sanctum's remains and decides to move his people away from the remnants of Sith magic.

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