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While the Borg in the Mirror Universe have the same hive-like mentality, the same assimilation methods, and the same advanced technology as their Federation universe counterparts, the similarity ends there. The Borg of the mirror universe are proactively aggressive and will attack any intruder foolish enough to set foot on a Borg ship. Regardless of whether or not the intruder possesses a threat to the ship, the Borg will use every resource at their disposal to assimilate the trespasser. In addition, while the Borg of the Federation universe move in a jerky, stiff-legged fashion, those of the mirror universe are much quicker thanks to advances made in nanoprobe technology. Attempting to aim a weapon on a mirror Borg, or avoiding the injection tubules, is usually an effort in futility.

Borg ships also differ in the mirror universe, as they are much larger. The cubes measure 10 kilometers or more on each, and they are equipped with a vast array of weapons that could easily destroy a Vor'cha class cruiser with a single shot. (Through a Glass, Darkly)

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ST Expanded

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The Borg existed in different continuities of the mirror universe.

Star Trek: New Empire

The Imperial Union of Planets sought for years to fashion mirror-equivalents of the Borg for servitude and soldiery. In 2385, Starfleet officers on the ISS Arcadia succeeded in creating Borg drones by obtaining Borg nanoprobe schematics from the Federation universe. These Borg soon ran amok and became a threat. Apparently their threat was neutralized by 2386, though in what manner remains unclear.

Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR)

The mirror-Borg were one of three founding members of the Alliance of Independent Governments. They were slightly less sophisticated and had a significantly smaller population than those in the primary universe, yet still possesed transwarp drive and minor cybernetic enhancements.

Star Trek: Unity

The mirror universe Borg were a large group of cybernetically enhanced beings who helped their galaxy to overcome ecological problems. They were nowhere near as hostile as their primary universe counterparts.

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