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  • Boone was going to say, "Tell Shannon that I love her" but he died before he could finish it.
  • As Boone was the sacrifice the island demanded, he and the island became one with his death and burial. When Locke had a vision of Boone in the sweat lodge in "Further Instructions" he was in fact talking to island which used the shape of Boone to communicate with Locke. The island might continue to interact with the survivors in future episodes in this way.
  • If Boone didn't die, Locke would not have broken down screaming on the top of the Hatch. It is later shown that this act gives Desmond hope and stops him from ending his own life. Boone's purpose in death was to save Desmond and the rest of the Island inhabitants and perhaps the world.
    • In turn, Desmond has been trying to save Charlie from the deaths that he can see in the future.
  • When Boone visited Locke in "Further Instructions", it was a manifestation of the monster.
  • Died because he was meant to be in first class (the front section).
    • That would comply with Shannon's death too.
  • Boone was literally a sacrifice the island demanded. In Locke's dream he saw Boone bloodied and saying "Teresa falls up the stairs, Teresa falls down the stairs." That is a phrase only Boone would know about. The phrase came to Locke in his dream, The Island sent him this phrase, because he would need to say it to Boone in order to convince him that he should come with Locke to look for the plane. Boone would be mystified as to why Locke knew about Teresa, and then decide to trust him and help him. The fact that Boone was bloody in the dream was the Island telling/hinting to Locke, that Boone would need to die. So in short, the Island sent Locke that dream as a way to lure Boone to his death, a sacrifice the Island demanded.

Future Discoveries

  • Before Boone died, he wanted to tell Shannon that her dad left the will for her.
  • Boone may have been reincarnated as Aaron Littleton. It was shown that while Boone was dying, simultaneously Aaron was being born. Even though the Island took Boone as a sacrifice in return it gave Aaron. The island has been shown to give as well for example healing Locke's paralysis, Rose's cancer and Jin's infertility.
  • Boone's death may have a been a direct correlation with Locke admitting he was paralyzed for 4 years prior to the crash. Locke had admitted that bad things happen to people around him later on in the series and this could give another explanation why Walt was kidnapped and Sawyer was shot and the boat exploded. Locke had told Walt a secret that a miracle had happened to him but Walt never got to finish telling the whole secret to Michael.
  • Locke is his father.
  • Anthony Cooper is his father. We don't know who Boone's father is. Anthony targets women for their money. Boone's mother is filthy rich. Anthony mentions he tried the family thing a couple times but it didn't take. Anthony lives in California Boone is from California. Sabrina's hatred for Shannon can be chalked up to Shannon being something of a manipulative con artist and Sabrina's had experience with con artists.
  • Boone will appear in an alternate timeline where the plane never crashed

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