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Bonemire Timeline
Recommended Levels from 65 to 70
Introduced Kingdom of Sky
Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Bonemire
Preceded by: Barren Sky Timeline
Followed by: Kylong Plains Timeline


This quest series covers levels 65-70 in The Bonemire.

Unlike most zone timelines, this one does not really lead from one NPC to the next. Rather, each NPC has a short series of quests, and all of the series may be started simultaneously.

(recommended level in brackets)

Misc Locations

Drukin Tellfizz

  1. Drukin Tellfizz, Stuck Gnome (65)
  2. Drukin Tellfizz, More Than Just a Stuck Gnome (65)

Drednever Crash Site

Brock Shrillburst

  1. Find Gingus (66)
  2. A Poisoned Gingus (65)
  3. A Cured Gingus (65)

Captain Dabner Drednever

  1. Fetid Harvest (66)
  2. Insectsurrection (67)

Weneb Tacklenogg

Grizzfazzle Coggrease


  1. Doomwing Digging (66)
  2. The Taloned Vigil Infiltrators (65) - sends you to Yazid on Halls of Fate (Island)

Gimdimble Fizzwoddle

An exiled droag down a climbable wall on the Drednever Crash Site island ( -133, 78, 1057 )

  • A Mark of Awakening (70) (Signature)
    1. Trial of Alacrity (Heroic)
    2. Trial of Endurance (Heroic)
    3. Trial of Spirit (Solo)
    4. Trial of Leadership (Epic)

Halls of Fate (Island)


  1. Find Raluvh (67 Heroic) - sends you to Raluvh inside The Halls of Fate

The Halls of Fate


  1. Premonitions of Doom (70 Heroic)

Cacotoxic Stain

Aetryol Monsoon

  1. Information from the Droag (67)
  2. Further Research - Both of these quests can be started at the same time. Just hail Artryol again.

Deathtoll Access

Arbiter Selek (you need to speak Draconic to talk to Arbiter Selek) On a little Rock, drop off your cloud flying from Carrion Briar to Drednever Crash Site

  1. By Land? By Air? By Sea? (Heroic) (68)
  2. High Crimes (Heroic) (68)
  3. To Speak the Unspoken (Heroic) (68)
  4. Serving a New Master (68 Epic)
  5. Storming the Necropolis (70 Epic) completing this quest grants access to Deathtoll raid zone


  • Lore and Legend: Ravasect (67)

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