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DC Comics

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Doctor Kenneth Harbinger

Real Name
Doctor Kenneth Harbinger
Current Alias
Doctor Kenneth Harbinger




Waynetech, The Cartel


Base Of Operations



Unusual Features
In regular body, wheelchair confined.


Waynetech Researcher and Developer


First appearance
Last appearance

Detective Comics #600



History of character is unknown.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

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Image:Great Hammer Two-Handed Crushing.jpg
+30 str +55 sta +62 agi
+325 health +145 power
+7 Crushing
System Shock
Great Hammer
Two-Handed Crushing
Damage 97-552 (129.9 Rating)
Delay 5.0 seconds
Weight 7.0
Level 79 (Tier 8)
All Fighters, All Priests
  • When Equipped
    • On a successful attack this spell has a chance to cast System Shock on target of attack. Lasts for 12.0 seconds. This effect will trigger an averageof 1.8 times per minute.
      • Inflicts 51-864 magic damage on target
      • Inflicts 97 magic damage on target encounter instantly and every 4 seconds
      • Enlarges caster by 30%
Obtain: From the Exquisite Chest of Pawbuster in The Execution Throne Room.
\aITEM -689215231 1649658428:Bonecrusher\/a \aITEM -689215231 1649658428:Bonecrusher\/a

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Bonecrusher is a recurring ability in the Ivalice series of games.



Final Fantasy XII

The Bonecrusher is a Technick in Final Fantasy XII, however, it is unusable unless players bought the appropriate License and gain it on the License Board. The Technick costs 30 LP, and can be found in the lower right section of the License Board, along with other Technicks. The Bonecrusher sacrifices the user's HP to kill one targeted foe instantly, however, there are chances of failure and Bosses are immune to it.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Bonecrusher is used by four job classes, the Machinist, Monk, Mononofu, and Uhlan. However, the Uhlan and Shikari must first acquire the License for the Esper Hashmal. The Technick is found in the Henne Mines Phase 1 Dig.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Also known as Meatbone Slash, it is a Reaction Ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. The Samurai class learns it for 200 JP. Once the unit is in critical condition, this ability will activate. All attacks will start dealing damage equal to the unit's max HP, meaning that later into the game, this ability can prove rather deadly, provided the unit can stay alive long enough.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Bonecrusher is a Reaction Ability for the Fighter and Templar job classes. It functions somewhat as a upgraded version of Counter, where the unit retaliates with a counterattack damage of x1.5, but requires that the unit actually take damage from an attack before activating.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Bonecrusher is an ability of the Gria Ravager job class, the Fighter and Templar job classes can still access it. However, only normal attacks can activate Bonecrusher, no other abilities will work to activate it.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Bonecrusher is an ability available from the Rebellious Soul Accessory. It increses brave by 30% of max HP when Near Death

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the Dandrian predator. You may be looking for the Shenbit bonecrusher.

This article is ambiguously canon.

The subject of the article originates in a source that has not been deemed to be definitively canon.

Bonecrushers were Tyrannosaur-like creatures native to the planet Dandrian. They could grow to about the same size as an adult Wookiee and had gaping maws filled with sharp teeth. Sti Groon had a Bonecrusher which he used as his champion in gladiatorial challenges whenever people couldn't afford to pay him for information.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The name 'Bonecrusher' is commonly applied to heavy-duty construction transport vehicles or buffalo, or something in-between.
Amusingly, Hasbro once produced a concept sketch for a buffalo/construction-vehicle hybrid.

The name Bonecrusher has been applied to several Transformers characters.

  • 2006Bonecrusher, the Decepticon not-Micromaster, not-necessarily-Constructicon bulldozer also from Universe.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki




You're all about knocking heads and beating Skulls.

How to Get

Defeat 50 Bone Daddies.


Hero side, the easiest way to get this badge is to hunt Bone Daddies in the Boneyard area of Perez Park, the Northwestern most section of the map. It is advisable to do this at a higher level, where it's possible to just run from group to group of Skulls, killing Bone Daddies and ignoring the others.

CoV: If you have missed the Skulls in the early newspaper missions around Lv. 14 you can use the Flashback-System: There are three Bone Daddies in the second mission of Dmitri Krylov's story arc "The Vahzilok Conference".

See Also

External Links

  • Bonecrusher Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Bonecrusher Badge at

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