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Bombay Jack
appearances: Van Buren
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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Bombay Jack is a claim jumper from Denver. He went nuts at some point, was in jail for murder and sabotage (he staked a claim on some land near the path of the NCR rail construction and started mining that path to deter people from going there … plus he blew up some storage sheds … when they went looking for him they found that he had mined a huge area around his hideout, and 10 NCR soldiers were killed after he started shooting at them in the minefield). He had been supplying powder gangs with homemade explosives, and so to keep their source they busted him out of the prison train going west, though he was caught again and presumably sent to prison. It's not known how he got out, but he's holed himself up near the Box. He is of Mexican descent and tends to speak Spanish when excited.



  • ST - 03
  • PE - 07
  • EN - 07
  • CH - 03
  • IN - 07
  • AG - 05
  • LK - 02
  • To be able to snipe the PC well: high-PE, high Stealth, good ranged weapon
  • 74 hp, Mechanics - 75%, Melee - 55%, Chemistry - 75%, Small Guns - 60% (raised to 75% for Level 8), Throwing - 75%, and Traps - 95%.
  • If you attack Jack with a flamer or molotov, he will blow up. If you attack him with a gun, there’s a chance equal to damage x5% he will blow up like 3 cases of dynamite.


Filthy Leather Armor, 2 Pipe Bombs (1 placed on door), 2 High Grade Molotov Cocktails, Hunting Rifle with 10 shells each. All his shells should be hollow points. Jack has already laced the area with explosives, so he'll fire for a few rounds, then move, leaving the bomb in place, and keeps moving around from building to building, in pre-arranged niches.

Appearances in games

Bombay Jack was to appear only in Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle.



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