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Upon successful completion of "Bomb Da Base II", participating players are treated with a brief cinematic of the Platypus exploding, and $4500 each.

Bomb Da Base II is a 4-player online multiplayer mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, available only in ranked matches. The mode begins with a cutscene in which Kenny Petrovic explains how another gang (the Albanians) is shipping stolen cars out of the country by boat without his permission, mentioning that this highly profitable "business" was his only source of income when he first arrived in America. After the cutscene ends, the players have to work together in order to bomb the Platypus, a ship used to smuggle the stolen cars.

The mode's title and missions are homage to "Bomb Da Base Act II", a similar mission in Grand Theft Auto III.



Like other 4-player co-op missions in the game, each player is only given three to five lives (depending on the difficulty), and can no longer play further when all lives are exhausted. If only one player remains alive, the game ends.

Retrieving the explosives

The players begin in Algonquin with two black Rebla SUVs (modified) parked nearby. Players must first find and steal a Securicar containing the bombs. Players must chase down and shoot at it to stop it and its 2 Landstalker support SUVs that protect it. The guards wear green jackets. Once obtained, players must then drive it to a helipad. Another cutscene will show another Petrovic gang member landing a Maverick helicopter and telling the players that they may need it as transport and for the purpose of fighting from the air.

Heading to the Platypus and placing the explosives

Players may fly the helicopter to the Platypus, which is docked in East Hook, Broker, although they can actually take any means of transportation available. When nearing the ship, two waypoints appear on the map - this is where the bombs are to be placed.

The players have to make their way to bridge, near the top of the ship, and also underneath the deck in the cargo hold to plan the two bombs. Both are accessed through the ship's galley (kitchen). Quite a few Albanians will attempt to stop them from planting the bombs and players must retaliate or die. If three or all players are killed, the mission fails.

Each player receives $100 for each enemy they kill. Once both bombs have been placed, every team member must escape the ship within about 1 minute before it blows. Players will then receive $4500 each. The mission is complete.


  • In the PS3 version, a bug can occur where all players are kicked back out to single-player mode as soon as any player reaches the ship or dock area. If the ship has been successfully boarded, all players can still be kicked out at any point up until the end of the mission. The bug was introduced into the game by the trophy support patch.

    This bug or glitch will occur if one or more players have exited the pre-game lobby before a mission has launched, or if one or more players leave a mission that is already in progress. If the exiting player(s) leave at any point before the ship has been reached, then the remaining players will be kicked out as soon as one of them reaches the ship or dock area.

    If no one has exited the pre-game lobby or the current mission, and players are able to successfully board the ship, they can still be kicked out if any current players (or "dead" players watching in spectator mode) choose to leave the mission before it has been completed.

    New players can join the pre-game lobby, or a mission already in progress, without causing the bug. The problem is only caused by exiting players, not late-joining players. Even players who have joined late in a non-participating, spectator-only mode, will not cause the bug, as long as they don't leave before mission completion (those people should get some kind of reward for being patient enough to just watch and let the other players play to completion).

    If you notice that any players have left the pre-game lobby or the mission in progress, you can avoid being booted from the mission (and multi-player mode) by destroying the armored truck instead of taking it to the helicopter landing site. Destroying the armored truck will cause the mission to quickly end in failure, and then allow you and the remaining players to return to the lobby together to start a new, bug-free mission (provided no one leaves the next lobby or mission!). The truck can be destroyed by a hand grenade, or by driving it into water. It would be probably be faster for the remaining players to just use up all of their current lives as soon as the mission starts (resulting in mission failure), though this could easily be confused as "griefing" by the other players if you aren't all in communication with each other. It's easier to "accidentally" destroy the truck, most people will let you get away with at least one such incident, especially when it appears to be a driving accident.

    If someone has left the pre-game lobby, you could also choose to start a new mission before the current one launches. But be aware that the new lobby will most likely not have the same co-players that the current lobby has. You may also be put into a lobby that, unknown to you, has already experienced an exiting player of it's own, so that mission would already be doomed without you even being aware of it. In that case it would be better to just stick with your current lobby and destroy the truck to start over.

    Another workaround to the bug would be to set up a custom match with private slots. If you set two of the slots to private, then only one other player can join your match without an invitation. If that player should leave during a mission, then the mission will be ended (you can't play solo), and you can return to the lobby and wait for another, more reliable player to join.
  • There is a very rare glitch that makes an NPC completely invisible, though the player can still see their gunfire and their reticule health and can still target them with auto-aim. Unfortunately, Bomb Da Base II is where it happens the most, specifically in the ship's lounge or right outside on the paths leading to the bomb spots. If auto-aim is turned off, it is very difficult to fight them. It is best to either blind fire or use grenades against them.
  • It is possible to place more than 1 bomb at the bomb spots.


  • Curiously, all non-police enemies in this mode only carry SMGs.
  • Participating players will still pass the mission and receive their final payment if they have yet to escape the ship in time.
  • Completion of the mission within 5 minutes and 56 seconds is one of three requisites to obtain the "Fly The Co-op" achievement.

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