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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Japanese ボム
Romaji Bomu
Bestiary Location The Barheim Passage
LP Awarded 1

The Bomb is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Barheim Passage, as well as the Salikawood as part of the Boss fight against King Bomb. The Bomb is docile until attacked, or until magic is cast by the player nearby. The Bomb returns in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings as a summon.


Bestiary Entry

Genus: Fiend
Class: Bomb

Page 1: Observations

"An enscorceled weapon for use against mages in days past, left to grow wild. Known to react swiftly to the presence of magick, the action of which triggering explosive energies contained within. Notwithstanding, the release of said energy leads to an explosion of a physical nature, making it greatly effective against targets who rely upon magickal protection. Many are the mages who hesitate to work magicks around bombs and their ilk."

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 45 of 78

Main article: Sage Knowledge#SK 45: Barheim Passage

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