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Bolt of Silk
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Crafting Material

A Bolt of Silk is a rare crafting material required to craft certain armor types/parts for Elementalist, Mesmer, Ranger, Warrior and Ritualist classes (see Usage, below).



There are Artisans who can craft Bolts of Silk in Factions, Nightfall, and the Eye of the North expansion, but not in Prophecies. See the Artisan list for details.

All Artisans who can craft Bolts of Silk charge:

The most effective means of farming Bolts of Silk for Prophecies characters is to spend time hunting for spiders in Pre-Searing Ascalon. Spiders in Pre-Searing (except Moss Spiders) frequently drop Spider Webs, which can be later salvaged into Bolts of Silk with an Expert Salvage Kit. Another way for non-Tyrian characters is killing Stalking Nephila directly outside of Sunspear Great Hall in Plains of Jarin.

This item is commonly dropped by Outcasts in Factions, and can also be salvaged from their armor. Soloing them will generally yield a large quantity. Jade Brotherhood Knights will also occasionally drop Bolts of Silk. Another alternative is to farm The Halcyon Job in Hard Mode, in which Bolts of Silk drop fairly frequently.

Bolts of Silk can also be bought from Rare Material Traders or salvaged with an Expert Salvage Kit from some Salvage Items. Known items are listed at the bottom of this page.


Bolts of Silk are required to craft certain armor types/parts:

Crafting material it can salvage into


Common crafting materials

What salvages into it

The following Salvage Items may yield Bolts of Silk when you salvage them with an Expert Salvage Kit:

Salvage Items

Collectable Drops

  • None



  • Silk may be worth more when salvaged than by itself.
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