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Bol Chatak
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19 BBY, Murkhana

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Rise of the Empire era

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Olee Starstone

Bol Chatak was a Jedi Master and General during the Clone Wars. She was a female Zabrak from Iridonia and carried a blue lightsaber. She was known for her tolerant personality.


In 22 BBY, shortly before the Clone Wars, Chatak met Olee Starstone on Eriadu. Starstone was the Padawan of the archivist Jocasta Nu, and had hopes of succeeding Nu as the overseer of the Jedi Archives. In 21 BBY, at the behest of the Jedi Council, Chatak replaced Nu as Starstone's master, as the Council believed every able Padawan was needed on the field during the conflict.

Chatak and Starstone were amongst the six Jedi who traveled to the Battle of Murkhana, one of the Outer Rim Sieges, while the Republic was searching for General Grievous following his "failed" abduction of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Along with Olee and Jedi Master Roan Shryne, Bol was spared from Order 66 when the clone commandos of Ion Team saved them from an ambush by Commander Salvo.

The trio deliberately allowed themselves to be captured by the Galactic Empire, albeit disguised as CIS commandos. Unfortunately, they encountered Darth Vader before they could get off Murkhana. Igniting her lightsaber, Chatak revealed her identity and attacked Vader. She managed to injure one of his cybernetic arms before he decapitated her. Olee's reaction to Chatak's death attracted Vader's attention, but fortunately, he was distracted before he could confront the Padawan. Vader was upset when an uncelebrated Jedi was able to injure him, when before only Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were able to touch him in a duel.


  • Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader (First appearance)



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