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Also known as:
Home Planet:
Home Era: 1970s
Appearances: DW: The Dæmons
Actor: Stanley Mason

Bok was a stone gargoyle which had been animated by Azal's power and used by the Master to gain control of the residents of Devil's End and resist any attack. After the Master was defeated and Azal and his spaceship were destroyed, Bok ceased to be animate and was destroyed by UNIT. (DW: The Dæmons)

SenéNet acquired Bok's remains. (PDA: Business Unusual)


Bok had glowing red eyes and was somewhat short in stature but very powerful. He could vaporize objects and people instantly as well as resist injury, including being blown apart. However, he did have a few significant weaknesses such as being afraid of iron and the tendency to be mollified by Venusian lullabies. (DW: The Dæmons)

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Full Name: Bok
Species: Ferengi
Gender: male
Birthplace: Ferenginar
Affiliation: Ferengi Alliance
Children: Son: Flax (died, 2355)
Rank: DaiMon

Bok was a former Ferengi DaiMon in the Ferengi Alliance. He was also a father of a son, Flax.

When Flax was a child, Bok would often use bribery to gain the best and most expensive tutors for his son in the hopes that Flax would follow in his footsteps. Once Flax was old enough to join the Ferengi fleet, Bok would often use bribery to gain his son a promotion or higher position of authority. By 2355, Flax had been promoted to DaiMon and was assigned command of the scout, Seventy-Fifth Rule.

During a survey of the Maxia Zeta star system, the Seventy-Fifth Rule encountered the Federation starship USS Stargazer, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Flax launched an unprovoked attack on the Stargazer. Since the Ferengi had refused communications, it was not known to the Federation at the time that it was a Ferengi ship, nor was it known that it was Bok's son who was in command. Captain Picard used what would later be called the Picard Maneuver to defeat the Ferengi - destroying the Ferengi ship and killing Bok's son.

Shortly after, a starship commanded by Bok entered the system in search of the Seventy-Fifth Rule, but only the stricken Stargazer was found in decaying orbit of Maxia Zeta V. Against many of his crews wishes and risking trouble from his superiors, Bok took control of the Stargazer as a personal prize in the hopes of one day hatching a plot for revenge against Picard. (TNG episode: "The Battle"; TLE novel: The Buried Age)

It wasn't until 2364 that Bok was able to enact an elaborate scheme to take revenge upon Captain Picard and the Federation. Using thought makers, which were mind altering devices, Bok attempted to manipulate Picard into attacking his own ship. When Bok's first officer Kazago realized what was going on, Kazago relived Bok for engaging in an unprofitable venture. (TNG episode: "The Battle")

Following this, Bok was subsequently imprisoned. He was able to buy his freedom a few years later, and once again began plotting revenge against Picard. He acquired another starship and crew, along with a subspace transporter. Bok manipulated the DNA of Jason Vigo to make it appear that Vigo was Picard's son, and told Picard that Vigo was his son. Bok also informed Picard that he was going to kill the young man. This second attempt to take revenge was also unsuccessful once Picard told Bok's crew the truth about their leader - they also relieved Bok because there was no profit in what he was doing. (TNG episode: "Bloodlines")

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"If we're late, [the Elites]'ll take our heads. And our kin will take yours, gas-sucker."
—Bok to Yayap, disobeying the Grunt's precautions.
Biographical information
Date of death

September 2552

Physical description

Minor Soldier






Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol

Chronological and political information
Notable Events

Infected by the Flood


Covenant Army


Bok was a Kig-yar soldier who fought in the Battle of Installation 04 during the Human-Covenant War.[1]



Battle of Installation 04

Bok was stationed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn crash site during the events on Installation 04.[2] After a raid by Marine Shock Troopers, led by First Lieutenant Melissa McKay, he was assigned to inspect and haul cargo coming into the crashed vessel, for use by the Covenant who occupied it. This was to make sure that Flood didn't infiltrate the vessel at all.[3]

He was placed under the command of Yayap, a Special Operations Grunt, after the Unggoy arrived at the site with Zuka 'Zamamee, following a failed battle at the Alpha Base. He did not like the Unggoy soldier, calling him a "Gas Sucker". Nevertheless, he complied with Yayap's orders because he had no choice. He, along with Jak and Yeg tried to make Yayap's life difficult anyway.[1]


One of the containers he opened contained a group of Infection Forms and Combat Forms. As he opened the container, they jumped out and infected him, but the other Jackals and Yayap killed all the Flood and the infected Bok before they could cause any harm.[1]


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Bok may refer to any of the following:

It's also a common misspelling of Boc, a Twi'lek Dark Jedi.

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