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File:Bogrog Body.png
Release date Unknown edit
Race Ogre
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes
Location Gu'Tanoth
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine Ugly and bad-tempered.
Notable features Swaps Summoning pouches for spirit shards.
A detailed view of Bogrog.

Bogrog is an ogre in Gu'Tanoth. He sells Summoning supplies, which is quite useful since he is near a Summoning obelisk. Player can make Summoning pouches, then swap them for shards.

He can be found on a sidepath just before the entrance to the city, so players will not need to start the Watchtower quest before talking to him.


Bogrog is located at the north of Gu'Tanoth.

One of the quickest ways to get to Bogrog is to have a Mithril grapple, a crossbow of any type (mithril or higher), Teleport to House tablets, and a house in Yanille. This way a player can bank in Yanille, run to the southern wall, grapple, run to Bogrog and craft the pouches. This requires 21 ranged, 39 agility, and 38 strength.

A 2nd way to get to Bogrog quickly is to go to Castle Wars, and run to him. Players can use a ring of duelling for a quick teleport back to Castle Wars.

It is also possible to take the Gnome glider to Feldip Hills after the One Small Favour quest has been completed and to run a short way north from there.

Swapping pouches for shards

Players can swap Summoning pouches and scrolls for spirit shards.

In the Perils of Ice Mountain update of 7 May 2008, Bogrog gained the ability to swap Summoning pouches and Summoning scrolls for spirit shards[1]. For each pouch, he will trade a player 70% of the spirit shards required to make that pouch. For example, a granite lobster pouch requires 166 shards, so Bogrog will give 117 shards for the pouch. The amount of shards is rounded up to the nearest whole number, so while 166 * 0.7 = 116.2, the player will receive 117 shards due to the fact that it is always rounded up. Bogrog accepts noted and unnoted pouches. He is not as generous when it comes to swapping scrolls, since he will only return about 30% of the spirit shards.

It is usually better to high-alch the pouch or sell on the Grand Exchange for those pouches created with lower amounts of shards; except for some of the higher level pouches where a player can save money by swapping with Bogrog. See Summoning pouches table for comparisons.

There is one limitation in that the player must have a Summoning skill higher than the level required to make the pouch. Bogrog will tell the exact skill required when the player clicks the "value" option on the pouch; the value is a sliding scale starting at level 21 for all pouches of level 10 and below and decreasing gradually from there. He will also exchange scrolls for shards.

Pouch Level Player Level
01-10 min. 21
11-20 +10
21-30 +9
31-40 +8
41-50 +7
51-60 +6
61-70 +5
71-80 +4
81-90 +3
91-98 +1
99 +0


  1. ^ Perils of Ice Mountain. RuneScape News List. Jagex (2008-05-07). Retrieved on 2009-04-29. “Bogrog, the ogre in the north of Gu'Tanoth, is offering a special service to summoners. If you trade-in your Summoning pouches, he will give you some spirit shards back. The number is equal to 70% of the spirit shards required to create the pouch. Bogrog will demand that you have a Summoning level above the requirement of the pouch - but this won't apply to level 99 familiars, of course.”

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