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This article is about the Hutt gangster. You may be looking for Boga the varactyl..

Nal Hutta[1]

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Hermaphrodite (masculine orientation)[2]

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Old Republic era[2]


Bogga's enforcer gang[2]

"Make way for Bogga the Hutt."
―Gudb — (audio)Listen (file info)

Bogga, also known as Great Bogga the Hutt or The Merciful One, was a Hutt crime lord who operated out of the Stenness Node in the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Bogga was the head of a criminal empire that encompassed the Stenness star system, and led an enforcer gang that was feared throughout the area. In 4,000 BBY, Bogga received word that a Jedi Knight possessing valuable Adegan crystals had landed at the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal where the Hutt often dwelt. Desiring the jewels, Bogga sent several of his enforcers to obtain them. Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider was slain in the ensuing struggle, forcing his wife Nomi to take up his lightsaber and strike down two of Bogga's henchmen, while depriving the third of the crystals. Bent on obtaining the gems, Bogga followed the woman in his sail barge to the desolate planet Ambria, where she was to deliver the jewels to the Hutt's sworn enemy—a Jedi Master named Thon. Bogga was again foiled on Ambria when Thon and his apprentice Oss Wilum defeated the Hutt and his crew in a brief skirmish.

Bogga subsequently returned to his stronghold on the Stenness moon of Vo Dasha, although he remained committed to exacting revenge on Master Thon and obtaining the Adegan crystals. In the meantime, he loaned a security crew to protect an Ithullian ore hauler that was attacked by pirates. The pirates were defeated and their leader, a being named Finhead Stonebone, captured and brought to Vo Dasha in chains. Bogga decided to spare Stonebone's life on one condition; that Stonebone would journey to Ambria, kill Master Thon and obtain the crystals. Stonebone consented to the arrangement and left for Ambria. Bogga also sent Gudb to Ambria, giving his underling a chance to redeem himself. However, this third attempt to obtain the crystals failed like previous two, as Thon and newly trained Jedi Nomi Sunrider defeated Stonebone and Gudb in a pitched battle.




Search for the Adegan crystals

"Get them Gudb, and Bogga the Hutt will reward you."
―Bogga — (audio)Listen (file info)
Bogga his enforcers to obtain the crystals

Bogga the Hutt was born on the planet Nal Hutta, and lived in the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Like all Hutts, Bogga was a hermaphrodite, but one with a masculine orientation. He grew to become a powerful and feared crime lord who operated mainly out of the Stenness system in the Inner Rim Territories. Bogga also assembled a group of pirates, thugs, and gangsters, which terrorized the area of space under his control. At its height, the Hutt's criminal empire expanded out six parsecs in any direction. Bogga maintained a private residence on the Stenness moon Vo Dasha, and frequented the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal space station.[1]

At some point in time, Bogga made a trip to the desolate Stenness Node planet of Ambria, where he found a hssiss dragon in a dark side-infused lake. He named the beast Ktriss and made her his pet and familiar, often using her to threaten his enemies or underlings that had failed him.[3] In 4,000 BBY, several members of Bogga's gang informed him that a starship on its way to Ambria and containing a shipment of valuable Adegan crystals, had stopped in the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal. Bogga had a client that would pay a grand sum for the crystals,[2] and could not afford to miss this opportunity as an influx of capital could enable him to overtake several star systems closer to the Core Worlds.[1] He ordered three of his underlings, Gudb, Quanto, and Rek, to retrieve the cargo. However, the Hutt advised caution, as the ship, the Lightside Explorer, was owned and operated by a Jedi Knight, Andur Sunrider.[2]

Bogga's thugs accosted Sunrider in the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal docking bay, where the Jedi was accompanied by his wife Nomi, baby daughter Vima, and protocol droid A-3DO. While Rek and Quanto distracted Sunrider, Gudb unleashed his pet gorm worm Skritch, who fatally bit the Jedi on the neck. Taking up her fallen husband's lightsaber, the grieving Nomi Sunrider first slew Quanto and then Rek, forcing Gudb to flee back to Bogga without the crystals. Bogga brought the rest of his enforcers and followed the Lightside Explorer in his sail barge, the Twilight Sailer. The chase brought Bogga and his crew to Ambria, where Sunrider had gone to find Jedi Master Thon, a Tchuukthai whom the ghost of Andur Sunrider had told his wife to meet so she could begin her Jedi training. After threatening to let Ktriss kill and devour Gudb, Bogga gave his enforcer another chance, sending him and a team of enforcers to the surface of Ambria to retrieve the crystals. The enforcers boarded the Lightside Explorer, only to find that the Adegan crystals were not on board. However, Gudb discovered that the Adegan crystals were at Master Thon's compound, along with Nomi Sunrider.[2]

Gudb relayed this news to Bogga, and Bogga ordered his convoy to travel to Thon's compound. Upon reaching Thon's home, Bogga spied a herd of staga beasts and ordered his underlings to kill the animals for food. While he and his lackeys were at work, they were confronted by a single Jedi, the Vultan Oss Wilum. Outnumbered, Wilum was quickly overpowered, and Bogga ordered Gudb to execute the Jedi. Suddenly, Gudb was interrupted by a large beast, who attacked and decimated Bogga's group. Realizing that they had no chance of survival if they stayed and fought, Bogga fled the encounter.[2]

Dealings with Stonebone

"I have but one enemy I cannot forgive. A lowly beast who dares to name himself "Master Thon". This so-called Jedi has something precious that rightfully belongs to Bogga! Kill this "Master Thon" for me, and I will overlook your despicable crimes. Bring me the Adegan crystals and I might even let you work for me."
―Bogga to Finhead Stonebone
Bogga with Ktriss on Vo Dasha

Some time after the failed raid on Ambria, Bogga was paid a fortune by Gruna, captain of an Ithullian ore hauler, to protect his ship from pirates. Bogga sent him a security dispatch, which was put to work when the ship was attacked by ore raiders. However, his warriors were quickly and easily killed by the pirates, led by a being named Finhead Stonebone. Although the pirates thought they had captured the vessel, Bogga's enforcers surprised them by dropping out of hyperspace in his massive dreadnaught, Enforcer One. The Enforcer One captured Stonebone and his ship Marauder Starjacker, bringing them to his private moon Vo Dasha. At the time, Bogga was sitting on his throne alongside Ktriss, berating Gudb for failing to obtain the Adegan crystals. Receiving word that the pirates had been brought to Vo Dasha, Bogga ordered his servants to bring Stonebone and his pirates before him. Bogga threatened the pirate at first, but as he was in a merciful mood, told Stonebone that his crimes would be overlooked if he killed Master Thon and retrieved the crystals. However, Stonebone refused. An angered Bogga decided to release Ktriss on the prisoners, and the beast devoured Stonebone's first mate Roko.[4]

As Ktriss ate the remains of Roko, Stonebone made an about-face and decided to accept Bogga's offer. The Hutt was pleased by the pirate's submission, and ordered the pirate to carry out his mission at once.[5] Also, Bogga ordered Gudb to accompany them, giving him Mandalorian chains that could keep even a Jedi prisoner.[3] Finhead Stonebone brought a group of his pirate associates and some of Bogga's enforcers along with him to Ambria, where they broke into Master Thon's compound and retrieved the Adegan crystals. On their way back to their ship, however, the group was interrupted by the arrival of Master Thon—revealed to be the beast that had attacked Bogga's force on the first mission to Ambria— and Jedi trainee Nomi Sunrider. Stonebone and the pirates were promptly attacked by the two Jedi, and Stonebone was left to limp back to Bogga without the Adegan crystals.[5]

Personality and traits

"But Great Bogga is also called "The Merciful One", and with good reason."
Bogga the Hutt.

Bogga was a ruthless, unscrupulous Hutt who chose to make his living through crime. He commanded the respect of his group of enforcers and was widely feared throughout the Stenness Node, but would quickly berate and threaten his underlings if they failed him in any way. Bogga held respect for the abilities of Jedi Knights, although he ordered Gudb to kill Andur Sunrider without hesitation.[2] When agitated, the Hutt had a tendency to start sentences in his native Huttese.[4] Bogga also often referred to himself in the third person.[5] Bogga developed an obsession with obtaining Andur Sunrider's Adegan crystals, and launched repeated missions to retrieve them at any cost.[4] Also, he developed a deep and unrelenting hatred toward Master Thon, calling him a lowly beast and ordering Finhead Stonebone to kill him.[5] Bogga fawned over his pet and familiar, Ktriss, and the hssiss dragon was almost always by his side; however, the crime lord also often threatened to unleash Ktriss on both enemies and underlings who had failed him. Bogga preferred to be addressed with ornate and elaborate titles, such as "Great and Well-Proportioned Bogga" or just "Great Bogga". He also called himself "The Merciful One", and saw himself as having a compassionate side. Because of this, Bogga decided to spare Finhead Stonebone despite his hatred of Stonebone's pirate gang.[4]

Behind the scenes

The character of Bogga first appeared in Tales of the Jedi: The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, the second story arc of the Tales of the Jedi comic book series, written by Tom Veitch and released over 1993 and 1994. Bogga appears in a fairly major role over all three issues in the arc. In these appearances Bogga is illustrated by Janine Johnston in the first issue[2] and by David Roach in the second[4] and third issues.[5] Bogga also appears in the Tales of the Jedi audio drama, where he is voiced by Bud Thorpe.[3] Bogga is also mentioned in George R. Strayton's West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook Tales of the Jedi Companion.[1] In 2008, Bogga was given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[6]



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