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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy X-2 Boss
Level HP MP
43 33,040 9,999
Strength Magic Defense
54 42 98
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
108 35 0
Evasion Luck
0 4
7,000 10 3,000
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Immune -
Common Steal Turbo Ether
Rare Steal Turbo Ether
Gil Steal 4,000
Common Drop Megalixir
Rare Drop Megalixir
Common Bribe N/A
Rare Bribe N/A
Abilities Charge Core, Memento Mori, Full-Life
Blue Bullet N/A
Status Resist N/A
Status Immunity Gravity, all conditions
Other Information

Vegnagun's Body is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. It is the third battle in the series against Vegnagun. Nooj and Gippal originally set out on defeating it, but were defeated, leaving the battle to Yuna's party to fight.


The arms of Vegnagun are used for casting offensive and support magic, so use the Dark Knight (or Samurai if you do not have Dark Knight) to clean them off in one or two hits, if you are at a high enough level. If you are using the Dark Knight Job, use Darkness twice to kill both arms as well as deal a hefty amount of damage to the body. Once the arms are gone, hit the Chest with everything you got. The arms will regenerate once or twice in this battle, but you can kill them off easily.

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The weight and texture of a wine; it may be light-bodied or full-bodied. Often refers to alcohol content.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

"Body" redirects here. For the melee armour, see Platebody.
Body rune

The Body rune is one of the game's non-elemental runes. They are used for low-level Magic spells that reduce the opponent's melee combat stats (Attack, Strength and Defence). These spells are Confuse, Weaken, and Curse.

Body runes may be made at level 20 Runecrafting using the Body altar west of the Barbarian Village and south of the Monastery, giving the highest base experience rate in free-to-play runecrafting. They are the highest levelled runes that free players can craft. (Each rune essence crafted at the body altar gives 7.5 experience, opposed to 5 experience for essence crafted at the Air altar.) The nearest bank to the body altar is at Edgeville. Since it is so close to the Edgeville bank, there is no need for members to use the Abyss to access the altar, if members decided to craft body runes instead of any of the other members' only runecrafting runes. The altar is also conveniently located for players walking between Falador and Varrock.

Body runes respawn in sets of two west of the castle in Varrock. They are also sold at two locations in Free-to-play worlds: Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock and Betty's in Port Sarim. Various monsters drop body runes, and Flesh crawlers are noted for dropping many.

After the release of the Grand Exchange, the price of body runes dropped to 10 coins each, because many free-to-play players runecraft them for the experience and then sell them for whatever they can get.

Body runes are the least used of all runes in the game, other than combination runes. Curse spells tend to be infrequently used by most players, except by some players training Magic. (The Curse spell has the highest Magic requirement of any free-to-play spell using body runes, which is available at magic level 19.) High-level spells in the regular Spellbook do not use body runes. Thus, these runes are usually abandoned by players with higher Magic levels.

Body runes, however, are used in two high-level spells in the members-only Lunar Magicks spellbook. Upon completing the Dream Mentor quest, players receive access to seven more Lunar spells. Two of these use body runes: Stat spy (at magic level 74) and Dream (at magic level 79).

An efficient way to train magic using body runes for the player to wear full metal body armour while casting curse spells on a NPC. This will cause the spell to fail often, allowing the player to cast it more frequently and thus gain magic experience faster, since the full experience is still gained even if the spell fails.

Some players use body runes to pay the banker in the Ourania Runecrafting Altar cave, which is in a members-only area. This banker charges a fee of 20 runes each time players access their bank accounts there, so body runes are often used because they are so cheap and relatively useless elsewhere.



Free Spells

All players can cast these spells as long as they have the required magic level:

Member Spells

Only members can cast these spells:

Store locations

This item can also be bought or sold at:


  • The most body runes required for a spell are 5, for the Dream and Stat spy spells.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Click on this picture. Seriously. There's a detail that's kind of awesome.

A structure is a term used to define the body of a Transformer. Without a spark or a personality component, the structure is a lifeless shell. The superstructure is the outer portion of the structure, generally containing components for the transformer's alternate mode, and is often changed during reformatting in accordance with disguise protocols. The substructure contains a transformer's inner workings, and usually includes any special equipment or weapon systems.

At times, the spark-less bodies of deactivated Maximals have been referred to as shells.

A Transformer's structure varied depending on which form their personality inhabited. The Renegade Decepticons when freed by Starscream developed new structures when their personality components were placed in Earth vehicles.


Generation One cartoon continuity

After being captured, the Renegade Decepticons had their personality components removed from their structures which were destroyed. Starscream's Brigade

Beast Machines cartoon

While exploring Cybertron in the wake of Megatron's conquest, Primal's team of Maximals came across an entire facility stacked with deactivated Maximal bodies, which (playing on both "graveyard" or "junk yard") they later referred to as the "shell yard". Spark of Darkness

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