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Artwork of Boco in Final Fantasy V.

Boco, or Boko (ボコ Boko) is a recurring chocobo name in the Final Fantasy series. They often play important roles as one of the main characters' chocobos, or otherwise notable ones.




Final Fantasy V

Boko's field sprite.

Boko, also known as Boco in earlier versions, is the name of protagonist Bartz Klauser's chocobo. He has a brief appearance at the beginning of the game, but becomes more important further into the storyline as the party is able to ride Boko around more frequently. Later on in the game, Boko marries a female Chocobo named Koko and they have children together. Bartz is amused by his bird's virility, calling Boko a "stud".

The Game Boy Advance version of the game added a portrait of his face when Boko "kwehs".

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Boco is the name of the Chocobo of a female World Regenesis Organization soldier who appeared in The Shera.

Final Fantasy VIII

Boko menu portrait
See also: Chocobo (Final Fantasy VIII).

In the game Final Fantasy VIII if the party goes to a Chocobo Forest the Chocoboy gives Squall a Chocobo; its default name is Boco.

Chocobo World

In the chocobo add-on game, Chocobo World, Boco is the main character who must, with the help of his friends Cactuar and Moomba, find his lost friend MiniMog. During his adventure he meets a female Chocobo named Koko who assists him in gaining strength and, during the second quest, must also be rescued from the Demon King. The information in Chocobo World can be transferred over to Final Fantasy VIII allowing the player to use Boco as a summon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Boco in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Boco is Wiegraf Folles' chocobo while Wiegraf is part of the Corpse Brigade. He participates in the battle at the Windmill Hut against Ramza Beoulve. Later, he is abandoned by Wiegraf and surrounded by other monsters at Araguay Woods. Ramza arrives, however, and saves him. Boco then joins forces with Ramza. Despite his minor storyline role, Boco is simply an average chocobo. However, he's the only Chocobo that has his own quote when the player highlights his name on the Formation Screen and presses circle button.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

After giving the Hunter Yew a chocobo in the mission "Rancher's Request - Yellow", all subsequent missions will feature the Yellow Chocobo in his stable. If its name is checked the chocobo will be revealed as being named Boko.


Tetra Master

Location: Memoria
  • In Final Fantasy IX, Boco is the name of one of the cards in the Tetra Master mini-game. He has an appearance similar to that of Final Fantasy V's Boko.
  • In the same game, the Black Mages raise a chocobo in their village and name him Bobby Corwen. This could be a reference to Boco, as the first two letters of the first and last names spell "Boco" (Bobby Corwen).
  • Boco is also mentioned in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. On the Shera, one of the WRO members mentions that she keeps a river chocobo named "Boco" at the Chocobo Farm.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Bartz carries around one of Boko's feathers as a good luck charm and gives it to Squall as a promise they'll meet up again when Squall heads off on his own. The feather later helps lead Squall and Zidane to find Bartz once he is captured, at which point Squall returns the feather to him. Additionally, a chocobo's cry is heard at the beginning of Bartz's EX Burst.

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