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Not to be confused with Evil Bob.
Bob, as seen racing about Gielinor.
Release date Unknown edit
Race Once human (Robert the Strong), now cat.
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - A Tail of Two Cats
Location Various locations during the quest, but anywhere outside the quest.
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine The Jagex cat.
Notable features The enigmatic wandering cat legend. Neite's boyfriend.

Bob the Jagex Cat roams throughout Gielinor sometimes followed by his girlfriend Neite. He may be found anywhere from his respawn point in Burthorpe to as far as places such as Lumbridge. One Bob exists on each server, and each moves independently.

Bob has the largest wander radius out of all NPCs/monsters in the entire game - he can go virtually anywhere that is not blocked by physical boundaries. However, it is possible to locate him using the Amulet of Catspeak after it is enchanted in A Tail of Two Cats which, when operated, will open a menu that looks like a cat's face. By clicking on the whiskers, the dial will rotate. When the eyes light up and a cat meowing sound is heard, Bob can be found in the direction that the dial is pointing.



Bob's history was not revealed, leaving many to speculate, until Jagex released the quest, A Tail of Two Cats. In this quest, it is revealed that he once was an ancient warrior Robert the Strong. It is currently unknown how Robert the Strong turned into a cat. It is during the course of A Tail of Two Cats that we meet Bob's "girlfriend", Neite.

Bob the Jagex Cat
It's just a cat...
— Saradomin
Bob the Cat? I have heard of that strange creature but have never been able to fathom him. It is no small achievement for you to be able to!
— Juna

Encounters & Wisdom

Bob is often seen, mostly by chance, by many players. The Catspeak amulet, which is received in Icthlarin's Little Helper, is required to speak to Bob; otherwise he will simply meow aloud.


The Cat Rulebook

Bob as he appeared in "Player Submissions > God letters > Issue 27 - Saradomin Enlightens"

Bob may instead tell the player a rule for cats to follow. These poke fun at the idiosyncratics common to housepet cats.

  1. Always act afraid around dogs, especially if you’re near a human. They will pick you up and fuss you, then shout at the dog. Most amusing.
  2. When assisting a human at work, make sure you sit behind its right leg. You stand a much better chance of getting picked up and stroked. Also, it's very amusing when they try to avoid you and smash themselves in the knee.
  3. If you ever make a mistake, which is rare and probably involves a dog, make sure you wash yourself immediately. This will give everyone the impression that it was done on purpose.
  4. Beware the bag monster. These things live in small bags under newspapers, sometimes hidden in shoes if they are clever. They will be very small and take the same colour as the hiding place. Attack these things on sight- stop at nothing. If you see a bag or shoe you have not inspected recently, pounce!!!

Location specific dialogue

Sometimes Bob's conversation is about something local to the area he is found in.


Bob: (Player Name), Why do you keep your cat in a bank?
Player: I thought it was too dangerous to bring it out with me.
Player: Or, I could have let the poor thing Get butchered! Is that what you want?
Bob: Butchered!! I think not. Cats are easily tough as sheep. Cats were the second thing Guthix brought here, after the sheep of course.
Player: Weird. I thought the Gnomes and the Dwarves were the first ones. Back to school for me I guess.
Bob: Erm, hello? Can you hear me?
Player: I certainly can. I am wearing this amulet I got in Sophanem!
Bob: Ah so you've met some of the local felines. Wise and confusing those Sphinges.
Player: Wow!! you know the plural of Sphinx!! What else do you know?
Bob: All sorts of stuff! I pick up no end of comments on my travels. Want to hear one?
Player: I certainly do. Share your wisdom Bob!
Bob: So, you want to know how us cats keep so clean all day?
Player: Must be all that washing you do.
Bob: You would think so wouldn't you? But is being covered in spit really clean?
Player: Eeeww. Gross.


Occasionally when Bob is in Lumbridge he will reminisce about gumbo that the old chefs used to make. As he describes it in Postbag from the Hedge #8, "There used to be whole bunches of chefs, crowded round a steaming gumbo pot, adding things and tasting as they go"… He also notes some of the beneficial effects of gumbo as well as the possibility that the recipe may be hidden somewhere.


While in Taverley Bob will sometimes tell the player, "I'm here to study the druids. They're boring, but they know how to treat animals, and they don't go around bothering you just because they've got a silly gadget that lets them understand what you say!"[1]


Player: Hi Bob. What are you doing hanging around Varrock?
Bob: Not much. Just came to see how things are going. Not visited here in a while you see. Me and Roald used to talk all the time.
Player: Oh really, about what?
Bob: Well, those white knights are far more complicated than you might imagine. Not the ‘goodie goodies’ they claim to be. Just watch your back.

A Tail of Two Cats

Bob and Neite as seen racing across Gielinor
During the quest, A Tail of Two Cats, players go on a journey to discover Bob's true lineage in order to impress another cat. During the adventure it is found out that Bob is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior, Robert the Strong, who defeated a Dragonkin at their castle.


  • Some players confuse Evil Bob with Bob. Evil Bob has a distinctive coloured patch of fur on the left side of his face as well as red eyes.[2]
  • At level 71 construction, a player can put an Icon of Bob in their chapel. Interestingly the face on the icon is neither that of Bob, who has green eyes, nor Evil Bob, who has red eyes. It is possible that the cat face portrayed on the Icon of Bob is representative of a real-life yellow-eyed cat named Bob.
  • When Bob says 'Cats have staff' he possibly means Jagex staff as it is rumoured that the in-game Bob was inspired by an actual office pet at Jagex. This could also be a simple reference to the old saying, "Dogs have owners, cats have staff" meaning dogs obey people, cats have people to obey them.
  • When a player talks to Gertrude's cat, Fluffs, she mentions that the father of her kittens is adventurous. This is most likely a reference to Bob, making him the father of all player pet kittens. This is further supported by Bob's conversation with player's cats.

Bob's conversation with player's cats is most likely a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where it is revealed that Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader's son, and they have a similar conversation. Furthermore, when Bob says "I am your Father," you can hear the sound of Darth Vader's respirator.

  • For a long time, it was suspected that Bob was in fact, Zaros. However, with the release of The Temple at Senntisten quest, Azzanadra confirms that this is not true, with the cutscene during the quest being strong evidence to support this. He further informs you: "...don't listen to a talking cat".
  • Bob was first sighted in RuneScape on a Friday the 13th in 2004[3].
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