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Bob Strauhz
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999 BBY

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Bob Strauhz was a male Qiraash born in 999 BBY. He was the uncle of Bebe Strauhz.

He was taken as Padawan by Jedi Master Renee 988 BBY. In 891 BBY, he went on a diplomatic mission to Colla IV, where he found the exposed Colicoid grubs Zorith and Zudu. He took them to Coruscant for Jedi training. Between 890 and 880 BBY, he helped train the Gundark Clan.

In 879 BBY, Bob, then a Jedi Master himself, took Zorith as his Padawan. In 878 BBY, he accompanied his Padawan on a mission deep into the bowels of Coruscant's underlevels. However, the Duinuogquin, when discovered, had its appetite whettened by the aroma of a dead dianoga in Bob's survival pack. As a result, the Duinuogwuin pursued Bob through the sewers for many days before Bob at last threw the dianoga corpse to it, after which it shuffled off.

The following year, Bob and Zorith were part of the Jedi team which solved the murder of Kuat of Kuat.

During the Judiciary Training Refreshment Exercise, Bob was placed in command of Lovely Vana Training Squadron.

Behind the scenes

This character was based off the GM's junior high Theater teacher.


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