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Fallout 2/Fallout 3/Van Buren/Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel character
Bob (tree)
race: FEV tree
affiliation: Harold
Gecko ghouls (Fallout 2)
Treeminders (Fallout 3)
role: Harold's good friend (FO2)
A god (FO3)
location: Gecko (FO2)
Oasis (FO3)
Nursery (VB)
appearances: Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Van Buren
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
quests: Oasis

Bob is the new species of tree who grows on Harold's head.



Bob started to grow on Harold's head sometime between 2162 and 2242. At the start Bob was a plant without roots who supposedly lived with the aid of Harold's mutated body, but as Bob started to grow into a fully sized tree he developed roots that caused Harold to be rooted to the ground in the Capital Wasteland region.

Bob and Harold were later discovered by several people who started to worship them as gods. These people are called Treeminders. Soon after, Bob started to blossom and many plants grew in this area which created a place known as the Oasis.

Harold believes Bob is his friend and sometimes speaks to him as if he was thinking aloud. However, in Fallout 3 Harold admits that Bob is now too much and therefore Harold wishes for the player to kill him.


Bob spends his life together with Harold, although this may not have been something they would have chosen.

Daily schedule

Since Bob is attached to Harold, he spends his day going where Harold goes.

Interactions with the player character

Bob is the strong silent type, however, he overhears Harold's conversations.


Bob appears in Fallout2, Fallout 3, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. He was planned to also appear in van Buren.


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