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Bob's Brilliant Axes is located in southern Lumbridge. It is the only shop in the city apart from the General Store. Apart from selling hatchets, Bob is one of four NPCs that can repair Barrows equipment.




The profit/loss column calculates the profit/loss from buying the item from Bob's Brilliant Axes and reselling the same item on the Grand exchange.

Item Price in shop GE Price Profit/Loss
File:Bronze Pickaxe.PNG Bronze pickaxe Coins  1 38 Coins  37
File:Bronze_Axe.PNG Bronze hatchet Coins  16 9 Coins  -7
File:Iron_axe.PNG Iron hatchet Coins  56 33 Coins  -23
File:Steel_axe.PNG Steel hatchet Coins  200 60 Coins  -140
File:Iron_battleaxe.PNG Iron battleaxe Coins  182 54 Coins  -128
File:Steel_battleaxe.PNG Steel battleaxe Coins  650 260 Coins  -390
File:Mithril_battleaxe.PNG Mithril battleaxe Coins  1,690 921 Coins  -769


Before the random event update on 25 February, Bob would repair broken hatchets (then called axes) and pickaxes for a fee. However, he no longer repairs broken axes or pickaxes because such items are no longer obtainable.



  Broken axe Repair
File:Broken axe (bronze).png Bronze Free
File:Broken axe (iron).png Iron Free
File:Broken axe (steel).png Steel Free
File:Broken axe (black).png Black 10
File:Broken axe (mithril).png Mithril 18
File:Broken axe (adamant).png Adamant 43
File:Broken axe (rune).png Rune 427
File:Broken axe (dragon).png Dragon 1,800


Pickaxe Cost to repair
Bronze pickaxe Free
Iron pickaxe Free
Steel pickaxe 14
Mithril pickaxe 43
Adamant pickaxe 107
Rune pickaxe 1100

Barrows equipment

Costs to repair
barrows equipment
NPC POH Workshop
Level 1 Smithing Level 99 Smithing
Helm 60 000 59 700 30 300
Body 90 000 89 550 45 450
Legs 80 000 79 600 40 400
Weapon 100 000 99 500 50 500
Total 330 000 328 330 166 500
The price is exactly 50% when operating a player's Smithing cape.


  • There is a flier which advertises Bob's Brilliant Axes. It can be found randomly in a mystery box and is also dropped by low level monsters, such as imps.
  • Despite the update which changed the name of axes to hatchets the name still remains Bob's Brilliant Axes. However, this may be because he also sells Pickaxes.
  • It is also noted that if you look at the back wall behind bob, you can see Nial's Throwing Axe along with several others. This may be possible as it is a replica.

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