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A model of a sailing ship.
A picture of a sailing ship.

A sailing vessel is a term which is applied to any wind-powered vessel from large sailing ships to small land yachts.

The Bajorans have used sailing vessels for thousands of years. These included the Endtree ship Haeys. (DS9 novel: Horn and Ivory)

On Earth, large sailing ships were the primary vessels deployed by the US Navy and the Royal Navy for several centuries.

In 2285, Admiral James T. Kirk displayed a model and a painting of two sailing vessels in his quarters aboard the USS Enterprise. (TOS comic: "The Wormhole Connection")

Benjamin Sisko once took his father Joseph's boat out into the Gulf of Mexico. (DS9 short story: "Living on the Edge of Existence")

In 2371, the command crew of the USS Enterprise gathered on a holographic representation of the sailing ship Enterprise for the ceremony of Worf's promotion to lieutenant commander. (TNG movie: Star Trek Generations)

Types of sailing vessels

  • aircraft carrier
  • aquashuttle
  • brig
  • clipper ship
  • ironclad
  • kayak
  • passenger vessel
  • scouter gig
  • ship of the line

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Dofus Wiki

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From Dofus

In Dofus, a few boats act as ferries for players to reach certain islands. Sometimes they may travel to islands that are not covered by zaaps. The journey is instant but it does cost a fee. Boats are marked on the world map as a paper boat with a few waves beneath it.

Wabbit Island Boat

Madrestam Harbour
<< Free << >> 500 kamas >> Wabbit Island

The Wabbit Island boat is ran by the NPC Lily. It cost 500 kamas to ride from Madrestam Harbour to Wabbit Island, but Wabbit Island to Madrestam Harbour is free regardless of whether you took the boat to Wabbit Island or not.

Minotoror Island Boat

Cania Bay
<< 200 kamas << >> 100 kamas >> Minotoror Island

The Minotoror Island boat is ran by the NPC Nikos Monot. It cost 100 kamas to ride from Cania Bay to Minotoror Island. It costs twice as much to return from Minotoror Island to Cania Bay (200 kamas) as the boat is travelling against the tides.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

The Blue Narciss is a typical boat

Boats are a recurring feature throughout the Final Fantasy series, appearing in several games. Boats are often used as a method of transportation before the player obtains an airship.



Boats are generally received towards the middle of the game, opening up new areas of the map as some areas such as Final Fantasy IX's Lost Continent can only be accessed by land or sea. This normally allows the player to both advance in the game's plot, and complete Sidequests not previously available.

Boats are often a common means of transportation for Non-Player Characters as well as the player's party. The S.S. Winno and S.S. Liki are used by the denizens of Spira to travel from Besaid to Kilika and from Kilika to Luca.

Sin attacks the SS. Liki

Some games in which they are more common provide the player with ferry services using some type of boat, in Final Fantasy XII such a service exists in the Estersand. Fuel is often not mentioned, but assumed to be different in the universe in which it exits, for example Gaia use Mist powered engines for airships yet boats are able to travel world wide where Mist doesn't exist. In the world of Final Fantasy VII it is likely that Mako serves as a power source as the Shinra Electric Power Company dominate the world due their advancements in technology.

Some Boats, like the Cargo Ship from Final Fantasy VII can carry cargo between continents such as the Buggy, they also provide a place where playable characters can interact, usually on deck. In some titles, Boats did not include any facilities, and were simply a way for the player to travel around more quickly.

Boat used as a Warship

In most games characters cannot get into battle while traveling by Boat or Ship, however in one notable exception Sin attacks a Boat and is fought by the party on deck. In Final Fantasy IV Leviathan attacked a ship, knocking Rydia overboard and leaving Cecil Harvey stranded on another continent completely on his own.

In the case of the Enterprise the Viking ship was later transported into an airship making it more useful as a means of transportation.

Boats have been used as tools of war in some games, for example in Final Fantasy IX Queen Brahne attacked both Lindblum and Kuja with the Alexandrian fleet.


The ship from Final Fantasy mirrors a real-life 18th century vessel.

Most boats in the series -especially in earlier games - generally resemble regular ships, possessing sails and masts and seemingly are made of wood. Often, the boats even have visible flags.

Some games with more futuristic settings have more modernly running boats that are power-generated, rather than using sails, such as Final Fantasy VII's Cargo Ship and the Al Bhed Salvage Ship. These ships are usually for work purposes and are equipped with various types of machinery such as electrical pulleys.

Other ships of the series don't follow any traditional ship design, as they are either hybrid of or originally were a sort of airship, such as the Gardens in Final Fantasy VIII, the Tiny Bronco, or the Enterprise.


The Tiny Bronco is used as a Boat after it wrecked and could not fly.

Boats often provide a quicker, easier way to travel throughout the game world, enabling the bypass of large expanses without encountering any enemies. Some areas are altogether unreachable without the use of an airship or a boat. However, often Boats can only land at beaches or harbors, and when no access point is available they cannot dock in such area. In Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII the player cannot steer boats freely, and can only select certain destinations.

Tetra Master

Blue Narciss
  • Card 081
  • Location: N/A

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From Grand Theft Wiki

For boats in general, see Category:Boats
The Boat, as depicted in GTA 1.

The Boat is a dinghy boat in Grand Theft Auto 1, it can only be seen in two missions. The Boat, unfortunately, is not meant to be driven by the player as trying to jump on it will cause the player to plunge into the water and drown.

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From Lostpedia

This is a disambiguation page. A number of articles are associated with the title Boat.
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Boat or ship may refer to:

  • Black Rock, British slaving ship shipwrecked on the Island
  • Kahana, freighter owned by Charles Widmore
  • Elizabeth, sailboat that brought Desmond to the Island
  • Our Mutual Friend (sailboat), Desmond Hume and Penny Widmore's sailboat
  • Searcher, Penny's boat which rescued the Oceanic Six
  • Bésixdouze, science expedition vessel of Danielle Rousseau
  • Rafts
  • The Others' boats
  • Outrigger canoes
  • Helgus Antonius, container/hospital ship operated by the Hanso Foundation in The Lost Experience
  • Christiane I, salvage boat that discovered the planted wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815
  • Via Domus, sailboat used by Elliott to escape the Island in Lost: Via Domus
  • Mr. Kwon's fishing boat in "...In Translation"
  • Michael reminded Susan that she once told him she wanted to live on a boat in "Special"
  • Shannon's boyfriend Bryan worked in a boatyard in "Hearts and Minds"

Ship, short for "relationship", may also refer to pairings.

See also

  • Portal:Transportation

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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A boat on Drexel II

While many in the galaxy required the need to travel between the stars, those constantly living in one place on their home planets required less sophisticated varieties of transport. For use across the water masses, many cultures on various worlds employed simple boats - primitive wooden handmade watercraft.


The boats of Somov Rit varied in size, but seemed to follow similar, simple designs. The people of Somov Rit used longpoles to push the boats through the marshy waters.

The elder Governor Quarg of Drexel II exiled a number of technos on the boat to be left adrift, thinking they would perish at the sea; instead, they became the first dragon lords.

On Naboo, both Gungans and the Human colonists developed a variety of sophisticated aquatic vehicles. Nevertheless, simple fishing rigs were still used by the fishermen, such as ones in the Solleu River in Theed.

Simple wind-blown boats and canoes were also used by people of Cerea, as well as Ewoks.


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From TibiaWiki

Boats can be found in the following cities:

Using a boat is the easiest way to travel across the Tibian lands. Only players with a Premium Account can use them. Just get on board and ask the captain for a passage to know where you can go to.

Kazordoon doesn't have access to the sea, so it doesn't have a normal boat. Instead you can find a Steamship deep down in the mines. With the steamship, you can only travel to Cormaya.

Since the 2005 summer update, boats and magic carpets are Protection Zones.

Table of boat fares

Players who have completed mission 6 of the Postman Missions Quest will pay 10 gp less than the advertised price for each passage.

↓ From To → Ab'd. Ank. Car. Dar. Edr. L.B. P.H. Sva. Tha. Ven. Yal.[1]
Ab'Dendriel 80 70 130 90 160
Ankrahmun 100 160 90 80[2] 150 230
Carlin 80 110 110 110 130 185
Darashia 100 200 180 60 210
Edron 70 160 110 170 150 160 40
Liberty Bay 90 200 170 50 180 180 275
Port Hope 110[2] 180 150 50 160 160 260
Svargrond 110 180 150
Thais 130 110 160 180 160 180 170 200
Venore 90 150 130 60 40 180 160 150 170 185
Yalahar[1] 160 230 185 210 275 260 200 185
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 Note: In order to travel to and from Yalahar one must complete the "Searoutes around Yalahar" mission.
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 Note: Travelling from Ankrahmun to Port Hope is 80 gp, while travelling from Port Hope to Ankrahmun is 110 gp.

Warning: If you use other coins than Gold for the travel (e.g. if you are only carrying a Crystal Coin), be sure to have enough space and capacity for the change that the captain will give you - otherwise you'll be moved to your destination, but your money will be left on the boat you travelled from.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Any defensive non-starship. In general, the term boat is reserved for craft produced for local defensive operations. While non-interstellar in nature, they are heavily armed and armored. See System Defense Boat.

Also, any small craft used interplanetary.

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Supplement 8 Library Data (A-M)


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