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Board of Education
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 12
DPS: 17.1432
attacks/sec: 1.4286
crit dmg: 12
crit chance: x 1
skill: Melee Weapons
AP: 27
item HP: 150
repair: Nail Boards
weight: 4
value: 60
base id: 000c310f

The Board of Education is a unique Nail Board found in the Clifftop Shacks. It is composed of bits of wood with nails hammered through it like all other nailboards found throughout the Capital Wasteland.



  • Has the extended reach of a sledgehammer, but does less damage.
  • Although not a highly damaging weapon, it has a rapid attack, so many blows can be landed quickly.
  • Probably best used against opponents who aren't armed with melee weapons themselves as they will often block, stunning you for a few precious seconds. For this reason it's best to use VATS attacks on other melee opponents.
  • Unlike common nail boards which have no critical chance, the Board of Education actually has a chance to score a critical strike.

Behind the scenes

  • In the Munchkin card game there is a weapon called the Board of Education, a 2 by 4 with a nail in it. Munchkin is made by Steve Jackson Games, who also makes GURPS. As Fallout 1 was originally supposed to use the GURPS system, it's possible that the weapon is a reference.
  • A board of education or a school board or school committee is the title of the board of directors of a school, local school district or higher administrative level.
  • The inscription "Board of Education" is a common pun found etched or burned into the paddles used for corporal punishment.


Weapons of Fallout 3

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