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Founded: 1989

Headquarters: London, UK

Website Link(s): Official Site





Band Members

  • Damon Albarn
  • Alex James
  • Dave Rowntree
  • Graham Coxon

Includes Members of

  • Seymour
  • Circus
  • Gorillaz
  • Fat Les
  • Me Me Me

Band Biography

Blur is one of the foremost examples of the Britpop genre, particularly one of the most successful and critically acclaimed. Some folks consider them a one-hit wonder with "Song 2", though they've had many other successes, though more typically in the UK than in the US. In 2002, Graham Coxon left and did a solo record, although many fans found both the solo album and the sans-Coxon Blur followup to be disappointing.




  • Leisure
  • Modern Life Is Rubbish
  • Parklife
  • The Great Escape
  • Blur
  • 13
  • Think Tank
  • Live At Budokan
  • Bustin' + Dronin'
  • 10 Year Anniversary Box Set
  • Blur: The Best Of
  • The Special Collector's Edition
  • Death Of A Party
  • I Love Her
  • Close
  • Sing (To Me)
  • Colours
  • Some Glad Morning


  • B-Sides Gig


  • She's So High
  • There's No Other Way
  • Bang
  • Popscene
  • For Tomorrow
  • Chemical World
  • Sunday Sunday
  • Girls & Boys
  • To The End
  • Parklife
  • End Of A Century
  • Country House
  • The Universal
  • Stereotypes
  • Charmless Man
  • Beetlebum
  • Song 2
  • On Your Own
  • M.O.R.
  • Tender
  • Coffee & TV
  • No Distance Left To Run
  • Out Of Time
  • Crazy Beat
  • Good Song
  • Won't Do It (demo) / Come Together (demo)

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Mix CDs

Radio Shows

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
Real Name
Stanley "Stan" Stewart
Current Alias

Atlanta Blur









Marital Status

Government operative

First appearance

(Stanley Stewart) Supreme Power #1 (October 2003);
(Blur) Supreme Power #5 (February 2004)



Supreme Power:

The Blur is the alter ego of Stanley Stewart, a young African-American farm boy who gained superhuman speed as a result of a retro-virus that arrived on Earth at the same time as Hyperion, an extraterrestrial of ambiguous origins. Upon discovering his powers, Stanley decided to keep them a secret while he trained to be a hero. After gaining notoriety as an urban legend known as the "Atlanta Blur", Stanley was approached by show business agents who offered him a very lucrative product endorsement contract. After enjoying a period of public celebrity and wealth, he was confronted by Nighthawk, who accused him of abandoning his dreams of being a hero. Convinced that there was more good to be done as a hero than as a celebrity, he formed an uneasy partnership with Nighthawk and Hyperion in order to stop a super-human serial killer. However, his partnership with Nighthawk effectively ended when Stanley overheard Nighthawk describing him as a "house Negro." Since then, he has continued to associate with Hyperion and act as a vigilante. After Hyperion's extraterrestrial origins were revealed to the media, the Justice Department started investigating other superhumans with similar abilities (such as the Blur) and offering them amnesty if they identified themselves and agreed to work for the Government.

Squadron Supreme

After Hyperion informed reporter Jason Scott of the project, the US President gave a press conference calling the project Squadron Supreme. The team signed identification and non-disclosure forms and was given its first mission, to "to take out" an African general named John M'Butu, whose voice can compel obedience. In Africa, Stanley said to himself, "Don't know what the hell I'm even doing here."

In the middle of a fight, Blur met five unnamed African super-humans, who are the ones to actually stop John M'Butu. After three of the five killed John M'Butu, the other two informed the Squadron to leave Africa. One, however, told Stan that he was a good man. Afterwards, Stan told Hyperion that the two men live in "different worlds". After the end of the mission, the Squadron were then ordered to take down insurgents in Ilam Province in Iran. During this mission, Stanley Stewart wondered if the team was doing the right thing and Hyperion, seeing a large number of buried bodies, gave him an answer.

The team was given rest and recreation time. Stanley Stewart went home to see how his mother was doing. He learned that the events of "Long Walk" had caused all of his sponsors to boycott him, although his managers claimed to have gotten better sponsors such as Lockheed Martin. Later, he talked to Kyle Richmond and asked him to join the Squadron. Richmond declined the offer.

Powers and Abilities


Super-human speed.


Discover and Discuss

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The Blur was a nickname used among GA pilots for the prototype TIE Reconnaissance Fighter.

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Type Weapons
Tech Level 11
Size 0.2l
Weight 0.2kg
Cost Cr25
10 shot cannister
Blur is an intense topical anesthetic and paralytic, and a spray to the exposed flesh will almost instantly deaden all sensation. Hands will drop weapons, attacks become uncoordinated, deadened legs loose balance, etc. In addition, face hits will often cause severe sensory distortion, hend the nickname of the spray.

Blur is usually sold in small cans, each with about 10 shots of chemical, for self defense purposes. On some worlds, the cannisters are simply spray bottles to allow application against an attacker, while more restrictive worlds require the cannister include a camera system triggered by the applicator, taking a picture of who or what is being sprayed. Blur usually has an indelible skin dye for easy identification of the assailant.

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Marc Miller's Traveller

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