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Quistis casting White Wind, a common Blue Magic

Blue Magic, also referred to as Enemy Skills, is a skillset consisting of abilities used by monsters. Most of the time, a character who can use it is known as a Blue Mage. It first appeared in Final Fantasy V and has since appeared in every game in the main series. The exact method of learning Blue Magic has varied, but all involve them being learned directly or indirectly from enemies.


Spell List


  • 1000 Needles - 1000 Needles inflicts 1000 damage to an enemy, regardless of defense stat or bonuses such as Protect. The ability is usually learned from the Cactuar enemy.
  • Acid - Acid inflicts non-elemental damage to an enemy, as well as status effects.
  • Aero - Aero inflicts Wind elemental damage. Often appears as White or Black Magic. Other similar spells varying in power are Aera and Aeroga,.
  • Angel Whisper - Angel Whisper revives and restores HP to KO'ed allies.
  • Aqua Breath - Aqua Breath inflicts Water elemental damage to all enemies.
  • Blaster - Blaster generally inflicts non-elemental damage and attempts to inflict Instant Death on the target. It is generally learned from the Coeurl enemies.
  • Bad Breath - Bad Breath inflicts various statuses on all enemies, which differs from game to game. It is generally learned from the Malboro enemies.
  • Doom - Doom inflicts the Doom status on one enemy.
  • Flamethrower - Flamethrower inflicts Fire elemental damage to one enemy. It is generally learned from Dragon enemies.
  • Frog Song - Frog Song usually inflicts Toad and sometimes Sleep. It is generally learned from Toad enemies.
  • Goblin Punch - Goblin Punch inflicts non-elemental damage to one enemy, but inflicts massive damage if the enemy's level is the same as the caster. It is generally learned from Goblin enemies.
  • Level 5 Death - Level 5 Death inflicts Instant Death on all enemies whose levels are a multiple of 5.
  • Lifebreak - Lifebreak inflicts damage based on the difference between the caster's Max HP and current HP. Behemoth enemies generally use this spell.
  • Limit Glove - Limit Glove inflicts massive damage when the caster's HP is in critical.
  • Magic Hammer - Magic Hammer reduces or drains a target's MP.
  • Matra Magic - Matra Magic deals non-elemental damage to all enemies or attempts to inflict Instant Death. Can generally be learned from Machine enemies.
  • Mighty Guard - Mighty Guard grants Protect and Shell, plus other statuses that vary from game to game, to the entire party.
  • Roulette - Roulette randomly KO's any target in battle, whether it is an enemy or a party member.
  • Self-Destruct - Self-Destruct sacrifices a user to inflict non-elemental damage equal to user's current HP. It is generally learned from Bomb enemies.
  • White Wind - White Wind restores HP to the party equal to caster's current HP.

Game Specific


Final Fantasy V

Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy V)

This game was the first to utilize Blue Magic. It also has the most Blue Magic spells of any single-player Final Fantasy game so far, with thirty. Blue Magic is learned in this game when the Blue Mage is struck with a learnable spell.

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: Lore

Blue Magic, called Lores, are Strago's specialty. Unlike Blue Mages in Final Fantasy V, Strago only has to see an enemy magic used in order to learn it. This means that in addition to enemies, Gau and Relm can teach Strago Blue Magic by using Rage and Sketch, respectively.

Final Fantasy VII

Main article: Enemy Skill Materia

The Enemy Skill Materia functions just like the Blue Mages from Final Fantasy V. Once equipped with it, any character hit by an enemy skill will learn it. However, only that piece of Materia will keep the skill.

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy VIII)

In Final Fantasy VIII, Quistis can learn Blue Magic from special items dropped by enemies. Quistis can only use the spells with her Limit Break.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy IX)

The character Quina Quen learns Blue Magic. S/he learns it by "eating" his/her opponents when they have less than 1/8 HP left. Eating the enemy may teach Quina a new ability, if the enemy is one who can teach him/her one. When s/he is in Trance, s/he can use the 'Cook' ability, which means that it can eat opponents that have less than 1/4 HP left.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Ronso Rage

Blue Magic is Kimahri's Overdrive. In order for Kimahri to learn Blue Magic, he just has to perform Lancet on the enemy with the spell. Once he does, he will permanently learn it, and his Overdrive meter will fill.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Blue Bullet

The Gun Mage Dressphere can learn enemy's skills from enemies via the Blue Bullet ability.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy XI)

Blue Magic is used by the job Blue Mage. It is also a type of magic ability that players must learn or skill up in order to use effectively. Blue Magic abilities are cast off of the Blue Magic ability attribute, rather than Enhancing Magic, Enfeebling Magic, Divine Magic, Dark Magic, and Elemental Magic. Final Fantasy XI contains the most Blue Magic spells of any Final Fantasy, with over 100 spells at the Blue Mage's disposal.

Final Fantasy Tactics

There is no Blue Mage Class nor Blue Magic in Final Fantasy Tactics, however a few spells can only be learned "Blue Magic style". The spell Ultima can only be gained when it is used on Ramza or his sister Alma in Chapter 4 (or earliest Luso in Chapter 3, but only in the War of the Lions remake). A greater form of Ultima can be learned by Alma during the battle with the final boss Ultima. Any character can learn spells such as Thundaja and Firaja from having them cast on them while they are a job that learns it (i.e. a Black Magic spell can only be learned "Blue Mage style" if the target is a Black Mage), but this usually only applies to the "-aja" tier spells, and a majority of Summon spells. The last spell is the Summon Zodiac can only be learned when it is used on a Summoner during the battle with the optional boss Elidibs.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Blue Mage (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)#Blue Magic

Blue magic can be used by Blue Mage, a job only available to humans.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Blue Mage (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)#Blue Magick

Blue Magic returns as "Blue Magick" and is only usable by Humes.

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