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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Blue Dragon
Japanese ブルードラゴン
Romaji Burū Doragon
SNES Name Blue Dragon
PS Name BlueDrgn
GBA Name Blue Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Blue Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. The Blue Dragon can be found in the Ancient Castle in the World of Ruin after obtaining Odin. Take five steps down from the throne on the right and press the action button. This opens a door on the right where the Blue Dragon is fought. It is one of the Eight Dragons, and its element is Water. It attacks by using Acid Rain, Flash Rain, and Tsunami. Acid Rain can be particularly dangerous because it gives the entire party Sap. It is recommended not to put any positive statuses on any party member in this battle. If this happens, the Blue Dragon gives itself a negative status, and then casts Rippler to exchange the status. It is thus extremely dangerous to bring Shadow to this fight, as he can lose Interceptor permanently, or to Trance Terra. Since it is weak to Lightning, Thundaga and Gau's Aspiran Rage work well.

Unlike the other dragons in the Dragons' Den, the Blue Dragon is virtually exactly the same as before; but with higher stats and stronger attacks. It can use two physicals at once, and will inflict Poison, Slow, and Blind on itself and then cast Rippler. Its special, Blue Fang, can inflict Stop on a character. However, a few castings of Thundaga can easily take the water dragon down before this can become a problem. Slaying the Blue Dragon gives the player Celes' ultimate weapon, Save the Queen.


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