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A Glendale-based Bloodring Banger in GTA Vice City (Rear quarter view).

The Bloodring Banger is a vehicle that is used in the Bloodring and Blood Bowl stadium challenges in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, respectively.


Bloodring Bangers are evidently vehicles modified for use in demolition derbies, and as such are stripped down with added safety features for the driver. The Bloodring Banger is originally available in GTA Vice City in the form of either a modified Glendale (internally named "bloodra") or Oceanic (internally named "bloodrb"); in GTA San Andreas, however, only the Glendale is used (despite the "bloodrb" handling line remaining in the GTA San Andreas game files). Performance wise, the vehicles also receive minor modifications. Acceleration and speed for the Bloodring Banger is very good, it is much faster than the original Glendale and Oceanic. It has much tighter suspensions, which results in tighter cornering. The Oceanic Banger is lighter than the Oceanic, while the Glendale Banger is heavier than the Glendale.

Cosmetic modifications of the Banger include roll bars and netting for the driver's compartment for GTA Vice City, and roll bars and welded bars of metal in GTA San Andreas. Bloodring Bangers are only capable of seating two, unlike the Glendale and Oceanic, which both seat four. The GTA San Andreas rendition does not even feature opening doors; in CJ's entry animation, he climbs in through the window. Being vehicles outfitted for demolition derbies, Bangers typically feature unconventional color schemes, including some with checkered roofs. The configuration of Banger roll bars in GTA Vice City may vary depending on their car number.

While the GTA Vice City renditions of the Bloodring Banger sport well-known Vice City and Liberty City businesses as sponsors, GTA San Andreas' Bloodring Bangers do not feature any advertising.


  • The Bloodring Banger plays the following radio stations by default when entered:


Vice City

  • In front of the Hyman Memorial Stadium (after completing 'Bloodring'), Downtown
  • Via cheat (PC): GETTHEREQUICKLY (Glendale) or TRAVELINSTYLE (Oceanic)

San Andreas


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