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The Blood Altar is a small, round temple in an underground sea of blood.

Access to the Blood altar is awarded upon completion of the Legacy of Seergaze quest. To enter the Blood altar, players need to have a Blood talisman in your inventory or be wearing a Blood tiara. Level 77 Runecrafting is required to craft Blood Runes. Blood slowly pours from the centre of the altar eventually reaching the surrounding lake of blood. The area's signature song, Bloodbath, slowly plays its eerie melody in the background.



The Blood altar's entrance within the Meiyerditch Dungeon. Click the image to enlarge.
The outside of the Blood Altar. Notice when it glows, the eyes of the skulls glow too. Click the image to enlarge.

The Abyssal Rift

  • The Blood altar can be accessed via the Abyssal rift. However, after going through the Blood rift, players are placed beside the portal, which is several steps away from the altar, rather than right next to it, making the crafting of Blood runes slightly slower than crafting Death runes.

Meiyerditch Dungeon

Canifis Bar

  • The altar can also be accessed through a tunnel located under the Canifis bar.
  • Enter the trapdoor south of the bar. Then, walk south and push through the wall, go a little more south until you reach the gap in the east wall. Enter this gap to get into Ivandis' tomb.
  • From here, walk south through the cave entrance and enter to arrive at the tunnels within the Meiyerditch Dungeon.
  • This tunnel leads to the Blood altar. However, level 65+ Agility is required to pass through an obstacle in the tunnel.
  • Refer to the map for details.
An overhead view of the Blood altar.

Mysterious Ruins

  • Instead of broken dolmen and a stone circle as with all the other altars the access comes from three skulls, and surrounding the skulls are stone coffins.
  • Inside the altar instead of a dolmen there are torches and pillars around the altar.


  • Bloodbath

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