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Blood Carver




Average height

2 meters[1]

Skin color


Eye color



Three joints per limb, orange blood

Average lifespan

Up to 100 standard years old[1]

Famous members

Ke Daiv, Ke Len, Ko Vakier, Ku Vrat

"…assassination…is a kind of sculpting, chipping away what is not needed."
Ke Daiv

Blood Carvers were an almost insect-like alien race native to Batorine.


Biology and appearance

Blood Carvers were humanoids with gold skin, dark eyes and beaklike noses. They believed in the Art Beyond Dying, and had orange blood. Their noses functioned as a sensor of smell and as an ear. Among Blood Carvers, extension was an extreme form of probation, a temporary exile from one's clan. Tribal tatoos were common for Blood Carvers.

Society and culture

Their name officially came from the statues they carved from blood red trees. When a Blood Carver presented a statue, it immediately wanted flaws pointed out, while compliments were actually tantamount to insults. Other creatures have actually been executed for complimenting works of art. The statues were made for the betterment of the tribe, not the individual.

The second reason for their name came from the fact that they were very skilled assassins, though it was quite rare for a Blood Carver to mutilate their target. A traditional Blood Carver prayer, offered before battle, ran, "May my blade be sharp. May I sculpt a new fate for my enemies."[2]


Hundreds of years before the Battle of Naboo, the Lontars invaded Batorine and nearly wiped out the Blood Carvers, who joined the Galactic Republic in 110 BBY. The survivors were taken to Coruscant, where they stayed in seclusion. In 29 BBY, there were only several hundred of them left on the planet. Blood Carvers also had a colony on Alderaan before its destruction. Blood Carvers exiled from Batorine sometimes gravitated to small pocket colonies of their own species, sometimes as remote as Nar Shaddaa and other Outer Rim worlds.

Blood Carvers in the galaxy

On Batorine, Blood Carvers were fiercely loyal to their tribes. Those who ventured offworld projected that loyalty on their new companions. Except for exiles, Blood Carvers rarely travelled alone. They found flattery and excess alike offensive and usually disdained egoism or material wealth. Those showing hints of greed or pride were exiled from Batorine.[1]


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