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This is a Premiumaccount Quest
Warning: This article may contain quest spoiling information for Blood Brothers Quest. You may choose to show or hide this information.
Also known as: Yalaharian Outfits Addon Quest.
Reward: Vampiric Crest or Yalaharian Outfits addon, 13200 exp (5 times 1000 exp, 1200 exp, 2400 exp and 3600 exp) also a Blood Goblet.
Location: Yalahar, Vengoth.
Level required: 40
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Scorpion, Slime, Tarantula, Haunted Treeling, Demon Skeleton, Vampire, Elder Beholder, Energy Elemental, Beholder, Banshee, Bat, Giant Spider, Hellspawn, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Nightstalker, Mutated Bat, Poison Spider, Spectre, Werewolf, War Wolf, Vampire, Zombie, Vampire Bride, Fury, Dark Torturer, also few boss monsters like Boreth, Lersatio, Marziel, Arthei and some more.
Legend: Yalahar is under attack by vampires, help Julius to save Yalahar!
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Required Equipment


Go to Julius in the Trade Quarter and talk with him to start the quest.

Mission 01: Gaining Trust

NOTE: If you have completely done the third mission - Vampire Hunt - of The Inquisition Quest, you don't need to make this mission and you can skip to the second one.

Get a Garlic Necklace and wear it, then talk to Julius. He will say that it is not good enough proof you are against the vampires and will ask you to make a Garlic Bread by getting Holy Water, Flour and a Bulb of Garlic and eat it when you are talking with him.

Location of NPC Julius (Trade Quarter):


Mission 02: Bad Eggs

You need to make special garlic Cookies to test NPCs that are suspected of being Vampires.

Get some Holy Water, a Bulb of Garlic, Flour and a Baking Tray. First use the Flour on the Holy Water, then use the dough on the Bulb of Garlic. Next use this on the Baking Tray and then the tray on the Oven to make the Cookies. You will make 12 Cookies but you need just 5 so 1 player can make Cookies enough for two.

After this is done go and ask the NPCs if they would like a Cookie, then report back to Julius.

Suspected Vampires: Serafin, Lisander, Ortheus, Maris, Armenius

NPC Spawns:

NPCs Serafin and Lisander (Yalahar City) - Both NPCs are in the Ground Floor:
Image:Npc bbq 3.jpg

NPC Ortheus (Magician Quarter) - Floor +1:

NPC Maris (Foreigner Quarter) - Floor +1:
Image:Npc bbq 2a.jpg

NPC Armenius (Trade Quarter) - Ground Floor:

You need to confirm the names of the Suspected Vampire NPCs. Once this is done, you may ask for another mission.

Mission 03: His True Face

Now you are asked to use the spell "alori mort" on the Suspected Vampire NPCs. Say hi and while facing them directly say the spell.

NOTE: You can go directly to Armenius to say the spell, because he is the head vampire. Be careful, he can teleport you to the sewers. Report back to Julius.

Mission 04: The Dark Lands

Go to Harlow (Trade Quarter) and ask for passage to Vengoth. Explore the island to get the 5 strange spots and mark (use) your map when you are on them. The easiest way to get the 5 spots is to first go to the stairs at the south east part of Vengoth, and then follow the path until you reach the castle. You should go past 5 "unusual spots" on the way. NOTE: Image:Eternal_Winter.gif works as a teleport.

NPC Harlow Way





There are total of 8 unusual spots on the island and when you have more than 5 you will gain some exp from Julius (7500 for all 8 spots)


Once this is done go to Julius and ask for another mission.

Mission 05: Into the Castle

This mission is split up into several smaller missions. The first one is to get a Blood Crystal. Go and check out the cultist area in the Magicians Quarter. When you go down to the -3 floor of the research center building, open the chest inside the small quest room. You will find the Blood Crystal there.


Once this is done go to Julius and ask for another mission.

Julius will tell you that you need to charge the crystal with the energy from someone who has lost everything. Go to the Wandering Soul on Vengoth and tell him "blood crystal". Now you have a charged crystal.


Go back to Julius and ask for another mission.

For this next part of the quest you need 4 people (total) who are on the same mission to continue. Make sure you have exactly 4 people on the same part otherwise you will have to wait until others reach this point in the quest. The blood crystal is charged only for the time being. You see it sparkling as long as it's charged. So in case you have to wait some longer to find the members for this part of the quest, you may need to recharge the crystal. For this just go back to the Wandering Soul, say "hi", "mission", "blood crystal" and you can continue with the quest.

Each of the 4 people will need their charged blood crystal for the next part of this mission. You must then find 4 strange carvings (which are partly buried), each player stands on one of the carvings. Two of them are on the ground floor, one near the castle and another near the poison shrine, right and left to the entry. As soon as the 4th member tapped onto his spot all will get teleported into the corridor of the castle. Inside you won't have to fear any monster. Once you have been there, go back to Julius and report your mission.


Mission 06: A Black History

Your next mission is to find any information on the castle. Therefore you should check the castle library.

Enter main hall and under a small carpet there is a secret trapdoor where you enter, use the carpet once to show the trapdoor and use the trapdoor to go down.

Once downstairs head south and follow the path until you reach the library. The Marziel's Diary is hidden inside a bookcase to the north west.


Monsters downstairs:

1st room: 4 bats, 1 gargoyle

2nd room: 1 tarantula, 2 gargoyle

3rd room: 3 vampires, 1 demon skeleton, 2 bats, 1 skeleton

4th room: 1 beholder, 1 gargoyle

5th room: 3 skeletons, 1 tarantula

6th room: 1 beholder, 3 skeletons, 2 bats, 2 tarantulas

Here you will gain access to enter on south-east tower freely and you'll find the book.


Once you find a diary you can take it back to Julius.

If you up this tower you will kill:

7th room: 1 beholder, 2 demon skeletons, 3 poison spiders, 2 tarantulas

8th room: 3 skeletons, 2 tarantulas, 3 demon skeletons, 1 giant spider

9th room: 3 tarantulas, 1 elder beholder, 2 giant spiders

10th room: 2 giant spiders

You will find a page of Marziel diary in this room.

11th room: 1 vampire bride, 1 giant spider

Mission 07: Boreth

In this mission you must find and kill one of the vampire lord brothers. Enter through the trapdoor, like you did before, take the door to the west, as soon you are down. Follow the way up. You need to use a Fire Bug on the plants 3 times and you will be teleported into the room with Boreth and his summons plus 2 plaguethrowers immediately. Kill him and use a blessed wooden stake on the remains of the vampire lord in order to obtain a special dust. Note, that you can kill him within a party. Just make sure, that every member of the party used the blessed wooden stake on him to obtain The Dust of Boreth. Go back with the dust and report to Julius for the next mission.


Mission 08: Lersatio

In this mission you must also find and kill one of the vampire lord brothers Lersatio. Get to the top of 3rd tower (like you did before). To wake up this vampire lord you need to break the mirrors in the 2 corners around his statue. After slaying him, use a blessed wooden stake on the remains in order to obtain The Dust of Lersatio. Go back with the dust and report to Julius for the next mission.

1st room: 1 priestess, 3 vampires

2nd room: 2 nightstalkers, 1 bonebeast

3rd room: 3 vampires bride, 2 nighstalkers

4th room: 1 nightstalker, 2 bonebeast, 1 vampire bride

5th room: 2 vampires, 1 bonebeast, 1 vampire bride

6th room: 1 vampire bride, 2 vampire, 2 bonebeast

Here you will gain access to enter on north-east tower freely and you will find a page of Marziel diary.

7th room: 6 vampires, 4 vampires bride, 2 nighstalkers

8th room: 3 vampires, 5 vampires bride

9th room: 3 bonebeasts, 2 nighstalkers, 5 vampires bride

10th room: 2 vampires, Lersatio

Mission 09: Marziel

In this mission you must find and kill another of the vampire lord brothers. To wake him up you need to have 1 vial of blood and 1 female character in your team. She have to step in front of the statue (the statue will turn in something bloody red) and then use the vial of blood in front of it. When you step on the blood, 2 Vampire Bride will spawn next to you. When you kill them you will get teleported into the Marziel's room. Kill him and use a blessed wooden stake on the remains of the vampire lord in order to obtain a The Dust of Marziel.
Go back with the dust and report to Julius for the next mission.


Mission 10 Arthei

Go to the north door (same door as before), you will have to kill creatures and keep walking until you find another door (North-East). Use that door and keep walking again, you will find the NPC A Fading Memory on the top of the 5th tower. On the upper floor is the boss room. Talk to the npc in order to get a Ghost's Tear which you need to summon the last boss using the Ghost's Tear on the vampire lord's statue.

When you have killed the last of the four Vampire Lords use a blessed wooden stake on the remains of the vampire lord in order to obtain The Dust of Arthei. Go back with the dust and report to Julius and you will obtain a Vampiric Crest which can be traded with Palimuth for outfit addon.

Additional Missions

Blood Goblet

This "mission" isn't given by Julius. It's more of a treasure you can find when exploring the castle. In Arthei's tower there's a quest door that leads out onto the courtyard between the towers. After defeating all the vampire lords you can open this door. Out on the courtyard you can find a Blood Goblet inside a dead skeleton (south of the Sun Clock).

Missing diary pages

After completing mission 6 Julius asks you to bring any missing diary pages you can find in the castle. In each of the towers you can find a few diary pages inside bookcases, drawers, coffins and dead skeletons. You will get 1000 exp for each diary page you give to Julius. A total of 6 pages has been confirmed to exist, however if you say "diary" to Julius after giving all 6 he still asks if you have found any more.

1* First tower to the right 4 floors above the entrance. A floor that has 2 giant spiders and many spiders and poison spiders. The missing paper is inside a dead skeleton, that's under another dead skeleton in the northwest part of the room.

2* First tower to the left 1 floor above the entrance. The missing paper is in a drawer in the northwest part of the room.

3* Second tower to the right on the entrance floor. The missing paper is in a bookcase in the northwest part of the room.

4* Second tower to the left on the entrance floor. The missing paper is in a bookcase in the west part of the room.

5* North tower on the entrance floor. The missing paper is in a bookcase west of the throne.

6* North tower 3 floors above the entrance. The missing paper is in the middle coffin next to the npc.



Mission 01: Gaining Trust

Player: Hello
Julius: Be greeted, adventurer player. I assume you have read the note about the vampire threat in this city.
Player: note/vampire
Julius: Our nightly blood-sucking visitors put the inhabitants of Yalahar in constant danger. The worst thing is that anyone in this city could be a vampire. Maybe an outsider like you could help us. Would you try?
Player: yes
Julius: Well, there's one problem. How would I know I can trust you? You might be one of them... hm. Can you think of something really unlikely for a vampire? If you know a way to prove it to me, ask me about your mission.
Player: mission
Julius: I fear that will not do. Sorry.

Julius: Be greeted, adventurer player.
Player: mission
Julius: Hmm, I see, I see. That necklace is only a small indication though... I think I need another proof, just to make sure. Say... have you ever baked garlic bread?
Player: no
Julius: Well, you need to mix flour with holy water and use that dough on garlic to create a special dough. Bake it like normal bread, but I guarantee that no vampire can eat that. Are you following me?
Player: yes
Julius: Fine then. Talk to me again about your mission once you have the garlic bread. You can get holy water from a member of the inquisition.

Player: mission
Julius: Let me check - yes indeed, there's garlic in it. Now eat one, in front of my eyes. Right now! Say 'aaah' when you've chewed it all down so that I can see you're not hiding it!
Player: aaah
Julius: Very well. I think I can trust you now. Sorry that I had to put you through this embarassing procedure, but I'm sure you understand. So, are you ready for your first real task?
Player: yes
Julius: As I already told you, anyone in this city could really be a vampire, even the most unsuspicious citizen. I want you to find that brood. ...
Julius: You can possibly identify the vampires by using a trick with hidden garlic, but better put it into something unsuspicious, like... cookies maybe! ...
Julius: Just bake a few by using holy water on flour, then use that holy water dough on garlic, use the garlic dough on a baking tray and finally place the tray on an oven. Then just play little girl scout and distribute some cookies to the citizens. ...
Julius: Watch their reaction! If it's suspicious, write down the name and let me know. Then we'll work something out against them. Agreed?
Player: yes
Julius: Fine. Good luck! Talk to me again about your mission once you have confirmed the names of five suspects.

Mission 02: Bad Eggs

Player: mission
Julius: Are you back with confirmed names of possible vampires?
Player: yes
Julius: Alright, wait a moment. Tell me one name at a time so I can note them down carefully. Who is a suspect?
Player: maris
Julius: He really doesn't look like the man of the sea he pretends to be, does he? Noted down! Any other name?
Player: ortheus
Julius: I always thought that there is not really a poor beggar hidden under those ragged clothes. Noted down! Any other name?
Player: serafin
Julius: Nice angelic name for a vampire. But he didn't escape your attention, well done. Noted down! Any other name?
Player: lisander
Julius: Yes, that pale skin and those black eyes speak volumes. Noted down! Any other name?
Player: armenius
Julius: Ahh, I always thought something was suspicious about him. Noted down! Any other name?
Player: no
Julius: I guess Armenius, Lisander, Maris, Ortheus and Serafin are all the names we can get for now. Let me think for a moment what we are going to do, talk to me about your mission again later.

Player: mission
Julius: Listen, I thought of something. If we could somehow figure out who among those five is their leader and manage to defeat him, the others might give up too. ...
Julius: Without their leader they will at least be much weaker. Before I explain my plan, do you think you could do that?
Player: yes
Julius: Great, now here's my plan. As I said, my strength lies not on the battlefield, but it's theory and knowledge. While you were distributing cookies I developed a spell. ...
Julius: This spell is designed to reveal the identity of the master vampire and force him to show his true face. It is even likely that it instantly defeats him. ...
Julius: I want you to go to the five vampires you detected and try out the magic formula on them. One of them - the oldest and most powerful - will react to it, I'm sure of it. The words are: 'Alori Mort'. Please repeat them.
Player: alori mort
Julius: Good. Don't play around with the spell, only use it when standing in front of those vampires. Come back and report to me about your progress later.

Mission 03: His True Face

Player: alori mort
Lisander: Hold your tongue.

Player: alori mort
Maris: Stop mumbling and don't bug me.

Player: alori mort
Serafin: There's something about these words which makes me feel awkward. Or maybe it's you who causes that feeling. You better get lost.

Player: alori mort
Ortheus: Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Player: alori mort
Armenius: ...... ...... ...
Armenius: HAHAHAHAHA! What the... HAHAHAHA! Come on, say it again, just because it's so funny - and then I'll get rid of you, little mouse!
Player: alori mort
Armenius: Oh, the nerve. Go to the rats which raised you.

Player: mission
Julius: Oh! You look horrible - I mean, rather weary. What happened? Who is the master vampire?
Player: armenius
Julius: I see... so Armenius is the master, and the spell didn't even cause a scratch on him... Well, that went worse than expected. Let me think for a moment and then ask me about a mission again.

Mission 04: The Dark Lands

Player: mission
Julius: You know, I came to think that the spell didn't work because there is another, greater power behind all of this. I fear that if we don't find the source of the vampire threat we can't defeat them. ...
Julius: I heard that there is an island not far from here. Unholy and fearsome things are said to happen there, and maybe that means vampires are not far away. ...
Julius: I want you to try and convince someone with a boat to bring you to this island, Vengoth. I'll give you an empty map. Please map the area for me and pay special attention to unusual spots. ...
Julius: Mark them on my map and come back once you have found at least five remarkable places on Vengoth. Can you do that for me?
Player: yes
Julius: Here is the map. When you are standing near a remarkable spot, use it to mark that spot on the map. Don't forget, come back with at least five marks! ...
Julius: Also, they say there is a castle on this island. That mark HAS to be included, it's far too important to leave it out. Good luck!

Player: mission
Julius: Are you back with a useful map of Vengoth?
Player: yes
Julius: Well done, you even marked seven places! I'll grant you a little bonus for that. Come back later and ask me about your next mission. I have to think.

Mission 05: Into the Castle

Player: mission
Julius: The spots you found on Vengoth are really interesting, especially the castle. There's something dark and spooky surrounding all of these places. ...
Julius: I think if we found a way to get into the castle, we might get to the bottom of all this. Are you prepared to help me?
Player: yes
Julius: Good, now listen to what I've thought of. From what I've heard, there's a strong magic barrier blocking the entrance to the castle. ...
Julius: If we could somehow redirect or focus that energy somewhere else, it might be possible to pass that door. I heard of a rare stone called 'blood crystal'. ...
Julius: It is said to have the power to store magic energy. If you could find such a stone we might be able to charge it with energy that will attract the dark power floating around the castle. ...
Julius: Unfortunately I have no idea where to look for a blood crystal. I think you might have to ask around in Yalahar, maybe someone knows where you could find one. Can you do that?
Player: yes
Julius: Fine then. Good luck!

Player: mission
Julius: As I said, I don't know where you might get a blood crystal - but did you find one?
Player: yes
Julius: Oh, look how it shimmers... such a pretty sight... now we just need to get it filled with magic energy. Maybe if you could find someone ...
Player: ... someone who lost something or someone dear to him or her. Sometimes those people unknowingly emit massive amounts of energy - during their life and even after their death. ...
Julius: If you can find someone like that, I'm sure that you will be able to charge the blood crystal. That's the only help I can give you though. Are you willing to try?
Player: yes
Julius: Once you have a charged crystal, hurry back to me. I don't know how long that power will last. Good luck!

A Wandering Soul: I saw you... who are you... what do you want from me...?
Player: blood crystal
a wandering soul: What the...? I don't know anything about that... still... the pain felt a little less intense for a second... relieving... but will never be gone.

Player: mission
Julius: Ah! I can see in your eyes that you found someone! Do you have that charged crystal?
Player: yes
Julius: Very good, now don't lose that precious crystal! I doubt you'll be able to get another one. While you've been on the road, I wasn't lazy either. ...
Julius: I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?
Player: yes
Julius: Well, in that case I'll tell you the good news first. I figured out how you can get into the castle using that blood crystal, quite easy actually. ...
Julius: The bad thing is, you can't do it alone, but you need three more people who are also in possession of a charged blood crystal. ...
Julius: The four of you have to stand on special spots around the castle. Unfortunately, in my books it doesn't say where exactly, but it mentions strange symbols. ...
Julius: Once all four of you are standing on those spots holding a crystal, each of you will attract the castle's dark energy and get attuned to it. ...
Julius: I don't know what will happen, but afterwards you should be able to pass the castle gate, if I'm not mistaken. Do you think you can do that?
Player: yes
Julius: Great. You are impressing me more and more. Once you have been to the castle, come back and we will discuss further missions.

Mission 06: A Black History

Player: mission
Julius: Ah! Welcome back! So you have been inside the castle? Was it as spooky as in the stories told by people?
Player: yes
Julius: Well anyway, as it seems there's more than that door protecting the castle, since you were not able to proceed any further -and those ghosts patrolling the hallway seem invulnerable. ...
Julius: I wonder what the story behind this place is. Maybe you can somehow find a way past the ghosts and deeper down into the castle. ...
Julius: If you could find some documents or books about this place there that would be a great help. Anything that tells us more about the master of this castle and how this place got so cursed. Could you do that?
Player: yes
Julius: Fine. You know, those old castle sometimes have hidden passages and stuff like that. That's at least what they say in fairytales. Good luck!

Player: mission
Julius: Did you find anything of interest inside the castle?
Player: yes
Julius: Oh! That is indeed MOST interesting. Can I have that book you found?
Player: yes
Julius: Thank you so much, I'll grant you a small bonus for that. Let me take a closer look, hmm. There are a lot of pages missing... but that last page is kind of disturbing. ...
Julius: The name on the front page says 'Marziel'... and it seems that his brothers and himself have something to do with this place. ...
Julius: There are a lot of missing pages... I wonder what happened after March 30th? Listen, should you stumble across any more pages,please bring them to me for a small reward. I'd really like to figure this out. ...
Julius: Apart from that, I guess to meet the brothers, you have to explore the castle even more. Maybe you can find another open door somewhere and look where - or who - it leads to?
Player: yes
Julius: Good luck. I mean it.

Mission 07: Boreth

Player: Mission
Julius: Impressive. A plant-crazy vampire... didn't think something like that existed. Have you got proof of his death?
Player: Yes
Julius: That's what I was hoping for! I will start investigating that dust. Maybe we can gain valuable information on how we can defeat the vampire plague once and for all. ...
Julius: Listen, brave vampire slayer, I don't think that your task in this castle is done yet. According to the diary you found, there are three other brothers called Lersatio, Marziel and Arthei. ...
Julius: We have to seek them all out and destroy them in order to weaken their power over the land. After Boreth's death, it is quite possible that you can gain access to another tower in the castle. ...
Julius: That is your chance to find the second brother and awaken him. Good luck - again.

Mission 08: Lersatio

Player: Mission
Julius: A vain vampire hoping to see his image in the mirror once again some day... how ironic. Have you got proof of his death?
Player: Yes
Julius: You are definitely one of the bravest and craziest adventurers I ever met. Each time you prove to me that there is no task too dangerous for you. ...
Julius: There are only two brothers left now, and I can feel that their grasp on Yalahar is getting weaker. We cannot stop now but have to finish what we started. ...
Julius: See if you can slip into another tower of the castle and climb up to the room of the third brother. Since Arthei is their master, I guess Marziel is who we are going for now. ...
Julius: The author of that diary... writing down the cursed story of his life. I hope he will rest in peace. Good luck.

Mission 10: Arthei

Player: Hi
A Fading Memory: Ohh...
Player: Kala
A Fading Memory: ... yes! That's my name... how come you know that?
Player: diary
A Fading Memory: ... you... read Marziel's diary and know our story...?
Player: yes
A Fading Memory: ... then... tell me... I'm so sad... was it my fault? Why did he leave me... Arthei..?
Player: vampire
A Fading Memory: ... so there is nothing I could have done...? He's a vampire now... what can we do...
Player: free soul
A Fading Memory: ... he can't be freed from his curse that easily... he must be awaken first...
Player: awaken
A Fading Memory: ... to awake him... I don't know but... he once truly loved me... maybe there is still something left... somewhere... here... take this from me....and thank you for listening...

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