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A Block Transfer Computation was a mathematical process used to create objects and affect spacetime in other ways by the power of mathematic formulae themselves.

The Monitor, leader of the Logopolitans, explained that computers apparently cannot use Block Transfer Computations as the calculations themselves would alter the nature of the computer. Therefore, organic life forms must do the work. The Monitor's people spoke their computations aloud, for unknown reasons. (DW: Logopolis)

Block Transfer Computations could be used to create or re-create any object or spacetime event, provided enough mathematical information was supplied. (DW: Logopolis) The Computations can also re-create or even duplicate people. Adric, imprisoned by the Master in a hadron web, created an entire city and its people. (DW: Castrovalva)

Others who have used Block Transfer Computations include the Logopolitans, who used Block Transfer Computations to create a duplicate of the Pharos Project to maintain the CVEs which prevented entropy from destroying the universe. (DW: Logopolis) The Pool used Block Transfer Computations to create defenses for itself and to create horrific imagery. (NA: Deceit). The Time Lords have all used Block Transfer Computations to create duplicates of the Eye of Harmony in order to power Gallifreyan timecraft. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel) The Remote receiver of the Eighth Doctor's companion Compassion also unintentionally processed the signals she received from the Doctor's TARDIS into Block Transfer Computations, resulting in Compassion eventually mutating into the Type-102 TARDIS (EDA: The Shadows of Avalon).

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