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Blizzard II is a tier 2 elemental spell in Final Fantasy XI. Ice is generally one of the harder-hitting and last-learned elements of any tier, superceded only by Thunder. This spell is purchasable by vendors.

Final Fantasy XI Spell
Blizzard II
MP: 77
Effect: Deals Ice-elemental damage.
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 4.5 Seconds
Recast Time: 20 Seconds
Magic Type: Elemental Magic
Element: Ice
Jobs: BLM 42 - RDM 55 - DRK 66

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Real Name
Current Alias

Donny, Prisoner #1307967



Baron Zemo's operatives, formerly Thunderbolts, Hammer Industries

Base Of Operations


5' 9"

170 lbs (77 kg)



Adventurer, former mercenary, professional criminal

Place of Birth

First appearance

Iron Man #223
(October, 1987)



Donald "Donny" Gill was a criminal who was given either Shapanka's original Blizzard costume or a close duplicate of it by agents of Justin Hammer. He was occasionally partnered with the Beetle and Blacklash (also known as Whiplash) as the "B-Team".

After Whiplash's death, Donny briefly became an employee of MODOK in yet another world takeover, but was quickly defeated by the Avengers. Angered by the fact that he had lost out once again, he found She-Hulk in a bar and preceded to freeze her in a block of ice, which she quickly snapped out of. However, as She-Hulk had had a hard day anyway, she refused to fight Donny; instead, she had him sit down next to her and carefully got him drunk before handing him over to the police.

Although the replacement Iron Man (James Rhodes, later codenamed War Machine) convinced the Blizzard to leave Hammer's service and attempt to reform, he eventually returned to crime and to his old employer. Much later, Abner Jenkins (the Beetle, now codenamed MACH-1) convinced him to join his new team of Thunderbolts. He is currently trying his best to reform. Very meek for a former super-villain, he has had some trouble asserting himself. Donny is now part of Thunderbolts Team B and busy apprehending super-villains for the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

Powers and Abilities


Cryokinesis: Gill possesses an insulated suit that simulates cold weather effects and creating objects from ice. This is done by manipulating small cryogenic units and water stored in tubes in the suit.

Strength level

Donald Gill possesses the normal human strength of an average male that engages in moderate regular exercise


Blizzard(bottom panel) as he attacks Irena with her friends. Art by Marcelo DiChiara.
Blizzard appears in Iron Man Power Pack #2, teamed up with Speed Demon. He kidnapped Irena Crumb, the daughter of millionaire Arnold Crumb at her school and took her to an abandoned warehouse across town, where he told her why she was there and tortured her. Speed Demon ran in, telling him that Power Pack had found them and yelled at him for having him make the ransom call. Then, Power Pack busted in and started to battle him and Speed Demon. Blizzard snuck up on Mass Master who was trying to save Irena and froze him. He went into cloud form and Blizzard attempted to freeze him again. Doing this, he froze the ground, causing Speed Demon to slip and smash into him, almost knocking him out. The Pack tied him up, and Lightspeed took his mask so she could rescue Irena from Speed Demon. Later, Blizzard was taken in by the Police with Speed Demon.


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