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The Water Sphere being filled in the Blitzball Stadium in Luca before the tournament.

The blitzball tournament is held in Luca and includes six teams: the Besaid Aurochs, the Luca Goers, the Al Bhed Psyches, the Ronso Fangs, the Guado Glories, and the Kilika Beasts. One of the primary purposes of the blitzball tournament is to get the peoples of Spira's minds off Sin.

Final Fantasy X

During the first match, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches in an attempt to force the Aurochs into surrendering the match. While Wakka plays, Tidus goes with the other Guardians to hunt down those who took Yuna. After rescuing Yuna from the Al Bhed, Tidus learns that she is half Al Bhed. After Lulu sends a signal to Wakka, he wins the game just in time, ending a 23-year losing streak without Tidus' help. The next Blitzball match is against the Spiran Champions, the Luca Goers. After the match, a group of Fiends are unleashed upon the stadium, creating chaos. Tidus and Wakka go off to fight the beasts, and are given the surprise aid of Auron. The rest of the Fiends are dispatched by Seymour's Aeon, Anima. Yuna, along with thousands of spectaters, is left in awe of the power of Seymour's Summon.

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